What’s with the different SNMP versions? v1, v2c, v3?

Steve Francis by Steve Francis, Founder and Chief Product Officer at LogicMonitor, Oct 5, 2012

We use snmp a lot, and know it well. However, not everyone of our customers has spent years working with OIDs in ASN.1, MIBs, Access types, and so on – and nor should they. (As we like to say, “Your monitoring solution should make your life easier, not harder.”) So one question we often get is the difference between the different SNMP versions.

So here’s the quick rundown:

Note that while you may have to configure the snmp version on your devices that are being monitored, you do not have to configure the version to be used in LogicMonitor. LogicMonitor will automatically try version 3; if that does not succeed, it tries version 2, and only if that does not respond will it use version 1. We try to keep the work away from you when we can.