Newsletter LoMo News – September, 2011

Release 35 highlights!

  • New graphing engine.  We’ve adopted a java script graphing engine, replacing the Flash based previous version.  No need for flash; better resolution; drag-to-zoom; iphone/ipad support.
  • LogicMonitor now supports integrated billing, and no more adding hosts only in blocks of 25.  We’ll be in touch (or contact us anytime) to discuss your pricing options should you wish to add hosts incrementally.
  • External website monitoring open beta.  The Services tab allows you to monitor your web sites from multiple locations around the Internet. It’s free for now (and also a bit unpolished.)
  • Datapoints are defined via a form based editor to provide greater guidance.

For more details on these and additional feature releases check the release notes here.

Did you know?
LogicMonitor uses an agile product development process that allows us to make 5 product releases annually? Our process allows us to incorporate customer feedback and market trends into our product roadmap in realtime. We invite your involvement in our support community site to give us product feedback, ideas, or anything else you wish to share.

New data sources:

  • Mongodb
  • APC air conditioning units
  • Juniper and Extreme switches and routers
  • Fortinet firewalls
  • Zookeeper

Last quarter we celebrated a significant customer milestone with a trip to the racetrack. Here’s the Santa Barbara team members in a post race pose.

Who’s using LogicMonitor?
The Rhapsody® digital music service (www.rhapsody.com) recently announced social networking features to drive music sharing features for its popular music service. Rhapshody gives subscribers unlimited on-demand access to more than 12 million songs, whether they’re listening on a PC, laptop, Internet connected home stereo or TV, MP3 player or mobile phone, allowing subscribers to access their music through more touch-points than any other digital music service.

Industry tech corner
The concept of predictive analytics is ingrained in our DNA here at LogicMonitor. Knowing how to provide intuitive interpretive datacenter monitoring of key business metrics to help you better manage your business allows you to minimize downtime and to optimize your technology spend. The application of business intelligence is beginning to spread. Here’s a recent article about How BI is Helping to Predict Fashion Trends.

Cevin Doppmann, Sales and Support Engineer.
Cevin is our resident Windows expert and spends his free time golfing and playing beer belly softball. Help us welcome Cevin to the LogicMonitor team!

Spread the word
LogicMonitor is growing and looking for great additions to the team here in sunny Santa Barbara! If you know any superstar sales, online marketing or support folks send them our way!