Applications Monitoring
Memcached Monitoring

Memcached lets your applications scale by offloading database queries to an in-memory cache. But how much is it helping? Does the tuning you did help?

With LogicMonitor, memcached monitoring is easy – no matter how many ports each host has Memcached is listening on. LogicMonitor will find the memcached daemons, trend their performance, warn you if they stop responding, and let you see  resource usage and how much impact they are having.

LogicMonitor even supports the Memcached Appliance from Violin Memory / Gear 6, automatically detecting the device, all it’s listening IP addresses, and all the memcached processes.

Even get automatically generated overview graphs, so you can see at a glance the combined traffic from all memcached instances on a host.

With LogicMonitor monitoring your dynamic environment, you’ll free your time for more strategic tasks – comfortable that your monitoring is taken care of.