Server Monitoring
Linux Server Monitoring in Minutes

Your datacenter is a dynamic place, with servers being added, re-imaged, and new applications and infrastructure being added all the time. Let LogicMonitor free you from the hours of manually maintaining these changes in monitoring – and the risk of missing a change.  (Who wants the CTO to call asking why a production file system filled up without being alerted on?)

Simply enter the hostname, and LogicMonitor will automatically discover and track everything needed to ensure your servers and applications are running reliably. You’ll get alerted about conditions needing investigation, and you’ll have powerful graphing of all data to investigate historical trends or correlate issues.

Just a few of the Linux performance metrics we monitor:

Linux CPU monitoring

CPU Usage

The CPU usage is an important metric to monitor, but LogicMonitor doesn’t stop there. It also breaks it down by IO Wait usage, tracks load average, and lets you zoom into any period of time for the last year.



Linux Disk monitoring

Rate of Disk IO

The limit on many systems is the number of IO operations per second the physical drives are capable of sustaining. LogicMonitor detects all physical drives on a system, monitors read and write IO operations and throughput, and aggregates the data into overview graphs for at-a-glance viewing.



Linux swap monitoring

Swap rate

To paraphrase the slogan – using swap doesn’t kill systems, swapping kills systems.  With LogicMonitor, you get alerts about abnormal swap usage, and about swap rate.



Linux NTP monitoring

NTP Monitoring

With today’s datacenters, with many servers acting together, time synchronization is essential for proper functioning and troubleshooting. With LogicMonitor, you will know if your servers are time synchronized – or not.



Linux Interface Monitoring

Interface Traffic

Track packets, bandwidth, unicast, multicast, errors, buffer overflows – inbound and outbound. For every interface, automatically.  On every host.  What does extra time mean to you?



NFS Server monitoring

Monitor the number of busy threads, the number and type of requests per second by operation, throughput and more.

Of course, applications such as apache, MySQL, Java, and so on, are all detected and monitored, as is server hardware and RAID controller monitoring.

LogicMonitor scales with you – allowing you monitor hundreds of servers, with no infrastructure requirements, and no changes to your existing firewalls. Simplify and unify your data center monitoring with LogicMonitor.