Alert Type IDs

There are 10 alert types you will encounter. Below are examples for each. 

  • LMD – DataSource alert
    • LMD112299 warn – ESXi HP320 VMware Host Performance DiskWriteLatency
      ID: LMD112299
      Host: ESXi HP320
      Datasource: VMware Host Performance
  • LME – EventSource alert
    • LME10351880 error – Windows System Event Log
      ID: LME10351880
      Eventsource: Windows System Event Log
  • LMB – JobMonitor alert
    • ID: LMB444
      Host: ATX-Local-Data-Guard
      Batchjob: Sync Orgs for Splunk
      Level: warn
    • Started on: 2017-01-16 10:30:00 GMT+02:00
      Finished on: 2017-01-16 10:40:00 GMT+02:00
  • LMS – WebSite alert
    • LMS91372675  warn on String Check from location Australia – Sydney
      ID: LMS91372675
      Service: String Check
      Checkpoint: Australia – Sydney
      Datapoint: status
  • LMHC – Host Cluster Alert
    • ID: LMHC2
      Hostgroup: LAB/SQL Cluster Servers
      Datasource: SQL Services-
      Datapoint: State
      Level: warn
      Start: 2014-12-11 21:44:59 EST
      Duration: 10h 8m
      Value: 3.00 hosts in alert
      Reason: > 2
  • LMT – Alert Throttling notice
    • ID: LMT10
      More than 20 alerts were sent in the last 10 minutes for the escalation chain Syslog test notification.
      Additional alert notifications are being suppressed based on your rate limit settings. Please log in to your LogicMonitor portal for alert details.
  • LMA – Collector unreachable
    • ID: LMA2
      The LogicMonitor system has not received any data from Collector LAB\LMC0001 since 2015-11-16 19:38:31 EST.
  • LMF Collector failover event
    • ID: LMF27
      The LogicMonitor system has not received any data from Collector
      LAB\LMC0001 since 2015-10-31 05:55:26 EDT. LogicMonitor
      switched all devices monitored by this collector to its backup collector
      LAB\LMC0002.Automatic failback will return devices back to the primary Collector
      ATXLAB\LMC001 when it has recovered. Failback is currently true.
  • LMF – Collector failback event
    • ID: LMF1
    • LAB Collector 1 (LAB\LMC0001) failed back
      LogicMonitor moved all devices(453,455,191) back to collector LAB\LMC0001
  • LMD – ConfigSource
    • ID: LMD3119
    • Host: Lab Cisco 3560
      Configsource: IOS Configs-running-config
      InstanceGroup: @default
      Configcheck: DifferenceTest