From College to Corporate: 3 Myths I Debunked During My SaaS Internship

LogicMonitor Opinion post

Myths have arguably been around since the first humans learned how to speak. Our world is full of myths, ranging from dragons to vampires. Myths can be entertaining and harbor important lessons, but what happens when the myths we believe are dangerous? It’s important to recognize the myths we believe because they shape how we engage with our world.

Tech companies can be mythic. When I was approached by LogicMonitor with a job opportunity, I envisioned a business with more computers than people, who spoke a language just as foreign as Spanish, and a less than hospitable place for a recent college graduate with a B.A. in Communications. Before my internship at LogicMonitor, I was unaware of some of the myths I believed until they were pleasantly shattered in front of me.

What myths do you believe about tech companies, and more specifically, what myths do you believe about your future internship? Hopefully, after reading this blog, you will have a better understanding of what an internship is like at LogicMonitor.

Myth #1: You Are the Solution to the Problem

My first project as a LogicMonitor intern was to create an exit survey to capture our churn customers’ experience. I was eager to begin solving this problem when I realized I learned nothing about exit surveys in college. At this moment, my talent and education were not enough to solve this problem. In the same instance, I understood I was hired not because I knew the answer to the problem, nor because I was the most talented, nor because my leadership expected me to be the solution to the problem. I realized I was hired because I was capable of finding the solution to the problem. 

This lesson is not just for tech interns but for all professionals. Think about a time you or a loved one was sick. For most of us, we seek a doctor’s help when we become sick. We go to the doctor’s office not because they are the solution to our ailment, but we go because doctors have the knowledge and capability to find the right solution to our problem. Doctors are not the cure… they find the cure.

As an intern, know that it’s your talent that makes you unique, but your work ethic that makes you capable of solving the problem. You were hired because you have already demonstrated capabilities to perform at the level the job requires. Don’t try to be the solution to the problem, but do your best to find the solution, and you will have much more fun during your internship. 

Myth #2: Performance Is the Only Thing That Matters in Your Internship

If you are anything like me, you are eager to leave an impact as an intern. Generally, we think the best way to make an impact is through our performance. Performance is measurable and comparable. When we can measure our progress, we can change to meet and exceed the standards placed on us. Interns can sometimes overemphasize our performance and make it the sole purpose of our internship. In doing so, we can miss the most important piece of our experience: the relationships we form. 

My amazing manager, Marikate Letts, encouraged me to have numerous 1-on-1’s with a variety of members in the business. I got to know many impactful and interesting people at LogicMonitor that helped shape who I aspire to be as a professional. I met with COO and Veteran, Brandon Holden, who taught me the importance of a work-life balance. I met with Sr. Director of Regional Sales, Hass Johnson, who showed me it’s okay to bring your whole self to work at LogicMonitor. From Vice President of Customer Success, Rachel Sheriff, I learned that tech is what LogicMonitor does, but it’s the people that define the business. Lastly, from Customer Success Manager, Eric Weine, I learned a tenacious curiosity is essential to be successful in business.

Your experience as a LogicMonitor intern should not be defined only by your performance, but it should also be defined by the relationships you foster. When your internship concludes, you will not have your Kazoo points, you will not have access to your LogicMonitor email or your LinkedIn Learning account, but you will have access to the people who you can call friends, mentors, and leaders. 

Relationships are the one thing you can bring with you when your internship concludes. An internship is an opportunity to grow, improve, learn, and foster enduring relationships with amazing people you wouldn’t have met otherwise. Impact is not simply what you do, but it is about who you know and who knows you. If you want to truly leave an impact, remember that impact is not objective, it’s personal

Myth #3: You Have to Work Alone on Your Projects

Halfway through my internship, I realized that there was much I had learned that I would want future interns to know. I thought future interns would find value in learning from the 2021 interns’ experiences so they’ll have the opportunity to make different mistakes and find greater success. Out of this idea, the “Internship Legacy Page” was born. As I began to work on this project, I realized it would require more than what I had to offer. I needed help!

My fellow interns Skyla, Salvador, Nathaniel, and Yash were eager to leave their mark and make this project amazing. In addition to their current projects, this group beautified the confluence page, created and collected our lessons learned document, provided critical feedback, and created a contact roster for future interns to ask our year group for advice and guidance. I am thankful for such a talented and hardworking intern group.

We recognized that as individuals, we each lacked the time and skills to make this project a success. But as a team, we were able to create a product that will leave a lasting impact extending beyond our short time as interns. Anything that is worth doing will require community support. If a problem is sizable enough, it will require you to reach out for help from people in all departments. If you are asking for help on a project, be assured–you are on the path to creating something that is worthwhile. Remember, never fight a dragon alone–bring friends!


It’s important to recognize the myths we believe and critically assess if they encourage growth or hinder our adaptability. As an intern at LogicMonitor, you will get what you want and more from your internship. If you embrace the moments, learning experiences, and people around you, your experience at LogicMonitor will be special. As a recent college graduate, LogicMonitor is an excellent place to learn how to be a professional. I hope these lessons learned have removed any myths you believed about LogicMonitor, and serve you well during your internship and future professional career. Remember, doctors are not the cure–they find the cure, impact is not objective– it’s personal, and never fight a dragon alone–bring friends.