A Great First Impression: My Journey to the Tech Space

A Great First Impression: My Journey to the Tech Space with Kate Evetts

The energy of the Austin tech scene is pretty hard to beat. A lot of my personal network has been working for technology companies in Austin for years, so when I was ready to sell my dance studio and reenter the corporate workforce, I was lucky to have a friend refer me to LogicMonitor.

Coming from small business ownership and seeking employment in the technology industry for the first time, I was unsure what to expect when I connected with the LogicMonitor hiring team for the Social Media Marketing Specialist role. Because LogicMonitor is hiring at a fast rate all over the world, I want to give potential candidates a peek into our hiring process and  onboarding experience from the viewpoint of someone relatively new to the team.

From the first outreach to schedule my screening call, I was impressed with LogicMonitor’s professionalism and prompt communication. It was only a day or two between my internal referral and the email to schedule my first conversation with a recruiter. The 20-minute screening call was informative and pleasant, and Briana was clear with expectations and next steps. My next call was a 45-minute conversation with my now-manager, and we clicked right away. She let me know what the next steps would be, and after a few more odds and ends, I was cleared to come into the office for an in-person interview. 

On the morning of the in-person interview, I was greeted at the door and shown to an interview room. I had four 30-minute conversations with various leaders in the Marketing Department, including my direct manager, as well as the Director of our newly formed department. Everyone was smart, kind, prepared and personable. The kinds of questions they asked were designed to highlight how I solve problems and think through things, and not necessarily how comfortable I was with certain tools or processes. I had a feeling that LogicMonitor would be a good fit on both sides and I left the interview excited about the opportunity. It didn’t take more than 48 hours to have a pre-offer call with the recruiter to ensure we were on the same page about compensation and benefits, and within  three days, I had a written offer! 

 All in all, the whole process took about two weeks.

Leading up to my first day, LogicMonitor’s People Ops team made sure I knew where to park, what to bring, had a desk ready for me, and generally made sure that I had everything I needed to start off strong. The morning of my first day involved a bit of onboarding, paperwork, IT setup, a peek into benefits options and an overview of professional development perks. 

For lunch, my department treated me to a meal close to the office and I got to know my new coworkers better. The rest of my first week involved setting initial action items and goals, working my way through a list of HR trainings and getting introduced to the rest of the organization chart and the LogicMonitor product. My manager  provided a list of suggested coworkers to set up one-on-one’s with to get to know what everyone does and how we would be working together. Being new to a corporate marketing team, I was excited to get to know the inner workings of each team, each role and how it all fit together. 

One thing that has struck me as I’ve gone through my interview and onboarding process is how intelligent and approachable everyone is. It is clear to me that diversity, not only of gender, race or sexual orientation but of background and knowledge, is extremely important to LogicMonitor. I am an ‘out-of-the-box’ hire without a background in tech, and instead of looking at that as a weakness, they saw it a strength. The team wanted me to bring my unique experiences into the workplace and apply them here. LogicMonitor’s leadership is committed to hiring from diverse pools of candidates for all levels and roles, and it shows in the quality of people that you meet in the office.

As a work culture, LogicMonitor is supportive, flexible, and collaborative. I feel empowered to dress comfortably or more professionally if I want, and my team trusts that I will meet or exceed company standards. I trust the same from my peers, and I have yet to be disappointed in the quality or timeliness of any teammate’s work. We laugh a lot in addition to having deep strategic discussions, and I am enjoying being around such an intelligent group of people. 

LogicMonitor is headed to amazing places as a company and you can feel the palpable energy of a team that is working hard to make big things happen. I’m thrilled with my hiring, onboarding and work experience so far. If my experience sounds good to you, I encourage you to consider applying here too!