LogicMonitor’s Certified Ansible Content Collection Allows You To Do More With Less

Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform

Here at LogicMonitor, we’re really big on extensibility and automation. We’re constantly adding to our catalog of monitoring coverage, and we spend a lot of our time ensuring that setup is as simple as possible. We also monitor almost any data you can expose on a network. People have done way more with LogicMonitor than we would have ever imagined, and I’m extremely excited to announce our next step in that commitment to extensibility and automation.

We’re proud to announce enhancements to our official Ansible integration, which is a robust, REST API-based integration with Ansible that will help you to do more with less effort.

On March 17th, 2021, we released a Certified Ansible Collection that improved upon the usability and security of the former community-based, open-source integration. Ansible Automation Platform Certified Content is co-supported by Red Hat and LogicMonitor. We have received overwhelming feedback that customers could benefit from a deeper, co-supported, and regularly updated integration. With that in mind, we’ve been building exactly that! We’re excited to be able to quickly follow up our initial release with some exciting new features.

This integration enables support for the following:

Repeatable Installation

As the Ansible Automation Platform provisions devices and deploys/configures software, the LogicMonitor monitoring system is kept in sync with the actual infrastructure. This helps ensure that no services are deployed without the needed monitoring. As systems or application environments are promoted from QA to staging to production, the monitoring automatically adapts.

With our release on April 30, 2021, we have also added support for updating collectors and configuring the use of Auto-Balanced Collector Groups. This focus on enhanced provisioning will enable customers to more efficiently and effectively provision new resources!

Eliminate False Alarms

Playbooks for deploying new versions of software can control LogicMonitor’s alert routing by initiating scheduled downtime before any changes are made. LogicMonitor will continue to monitor the status of all devices, but not escalate detected alerts during the scheduled downtime, which helps prevent alert overload.

Controlling this through the Ansible Automation Platform enables repeatability, simplifies the process, and reduces manual operations. And with the Ansible Automation Platform, you can even do rolling updates across your application infrastructure, turning off monitoring only for the servers currently being operated on. This enhancement for the official Ansible integration with LogicMonitor is just the next step in strengthening our collaboration with Red Hat and continuing our product innovation for our mutual customers. The certified integration is available now at Automation Hub, and the community version is still available via Ansible Galaxy.