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Around the World with LogicMonitor: Sequencing Our Cultural DNA

Posted by Yasmeen Farukh,
Jun 1, 2017

Last month, I was lucky enough to visit our office in Chengdu, China for the annual Company Kickoff. Our Chengdu office has been an integral part of LogicMonitor’s growth since the very beginning, with our co-founder, Jie Song, developing a stellar R&D team there.

LogicMonitor is currently comprised of about 200 (very smart and talented) team members. For such a lean team, we cover a fairly large global footprint. With locations in Santa Barbara, Austin, Chengdu, London, and Singapore, we truly celebrate the diversity of each of our offices. During my visit to Chengdu, it became apparent to me that no matter how different LogicMonitor’s office locations are, LMers all share the same cultural DNA.

Let’s start by defining cultural DNA. If culture is a set of beliefs and values that guide our social norms, then cultural DNA is the behavior we embody to support those beliefs and values.

Let’s first take a look at our Core Values:

Our Core Values form the guiding light for company culture, and to achieve this in a meaningful way they must be internally consistent. How then, is this accomplished across such diverse global settings? It is through our cultural DNA.

After visiting Chengdu, I realized that there are a certain set of behaviors that make up LogicMonitor’s unique cultural DNA. Here are my top 5:

  1. We are highly collaborative. In Chengdu, I often noticed four to five team members gathered around someone’s computer screen. They were working together to solve our most difficult problems (granted, they were all speaking in Mandarin, but I could tell by the pensive looks on their faces that they were working through some crazy coding challenges!).
  2. We take initiative. You can’t truly solve a problem unless you take some initiative to accomplish the task at hand. It goes back to our origins—our co-founder Steve Francis was an IT Ops guy who hated his monitoring tools. Being the highly self-directed individual that he is, Steve took the initiative to solve his monitoring problems by creating LogicMonitor.
  3. We are dedicated to personal growth. Pushing our product innovation has pushed our own personal growth as well. Our Chengdu R&D team wrote our very own time-series database and figured out a VaST algorithm, both far from easy feats. Our team has to be committed to learning new skills and technologies in order to innovate within our space. 
  4. We value our health. Every week in Chengdu, the team takes an afternoon off to work out or play games together. Here in Santa Barbara, we have a daily lunch workout. We value our self-care because we know it allows us to produce our best work.
  5. We love pandas. Just kidding, but Chengdu does have an amazing panda zoo! We make our work scalable and automate where we can. In order to support the core value that “we embrace a big future,” we are constantly asking ourselves how the tasks at hand will get done when we are twice (or ten times) our current size.

Although my Mandarin is still limited to “nǐ hǎo” and “gānbēi,” I learned a lot about what truly makes LogicMonitor the company it is. With a diverse group of individuals and cultures making up the LogicMonitor team, we share the same cultural DNA all over the world.

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