AWS Outage on Dec. 7, 2021: When Did You Know About It?

AWS Outage on Dec. 7, 2021 - When Did You Know About It?

If something isn’t working as expected, your customers will want to know.

How quickly did you know that AWS’s us-east-1 region was having issues? Was it from an article online? Customer requests flooding into your support queue? A tweet?? Not being able to get into a PUBG match? Or speaking of matches, were you unable to message your last Tinder connection?

For customers using LogicMonitor’s cloud services monitoring to keep track of their AWS Service Health, a soon to be out-of-the-box feature, alerts were received within one minute of the service degradation.

Our upcoming DataSource alerted us before the Amazon status page was updated. This tweet reported the outage, and you can see we were alerted even before that (9:34 AM CST vs 9:54 AM CST, time in screenshot below is in PST). Say a critical service of yours resided in us-east-1, how valuable is that 20 minutes?

AWS monitoring in LogicMonitor showing the Dec. 7 2021 outage and the alerts for it.

We are able to do this because our platform independently checks the region’s status in avenue’s outside of Amazon’s status page.

Additionally, the following dashboard – and many more – are available for all of the AWS accounts you add and they are ready as soon as you add your account to LogicMonitor.

An overview of AWS in LogicMonitor.

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