Digital Transformation: Enough Talk, It’s Time for Action. Fuel Your Progress with ServiceNow and LogicMonitor

A recent study from Mulesoft shows that 75% of enterprises have moved past the digital transformation planning stage to rolling up their sleeves and diving into implementation. Teams are updating their IT Operations Management (ITOM) strategies, moving more systems and services to the cloud, and automating tedious manual processes that have historically been the root cause of migraines for many people. Technology toolsets are critical to the success of this effort, and ServiceNow is leading the way for enterprises to consolidate fragmented tools and legacy systems while automating service management processes. Just as important to ServiceNow’s product suite (e.g. ITSM, CMDB, etc.) is their robust ecosystem of integration partners, including LogicMonitor, that enable enterprises to continue maximizing their ITOM investments long after that last digital transformation strategy meeting.

To put it simply, organizations use ServiceNow to establish more control over previously unstructured processes in a powerful system built in the cloud. The reasons why an organization implements ServiceNow to take over critical functions like discovery, CMDB, event management, incident management, change management, etc., are the same reasons they need to consolidate and simplify their monitoring strategy. As technology continues to develop and disrupt, legacy monitoring tools are quickly showing their true colors and falling apart when users need them most.

Without name dropping here, consider this example set by a large London-based investment bank with global operations and several data centers. They invested in ServiceNow for event management, CMDB and discovery. After modernizing their ITSM platform with ServiceNow, they rightfully decided to upgrade the tools that feed into that platform. When the monitoring bake off was complete, they chose LogicMonitor for IT performance monitoring.

This customer’s desired end state was to have LogicMonitor dashboards displaying real time views into their infrastructure using data populated from their ServiceNow CMDB. So, they built an integration that leveraged the APIs of LogicMonitor and ServiceNow to tear down and recreate upwards of thousands of dashboards automatically in the LogicMonitor platform based off of the most recent scan of the ServiceNow CMDB.

Now, their engineers can log into the LogicMonitor dashboard to see a service-level view of their entire infrastructure. Additionally, they can drill all the way down to a single device, see who owns the device, where it is, its IP address, most recent asset to commission that device, and see all LogicMonitor-generated data (CPU performance, memory performance, etc.) in a single view.

The end result? This bank now has one automated, single source of truth providing visibility, agility and lightning fast delivery of customer service – and let’s be honest here, it’s all about the end user experience.

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