Employee Spotlight: Dinesh Chandrasekhar

Employee Spotlight: Dinesh Chandrasekhar

Title: Vice President, Product Marketing

Why did you choose to work at LogicMonitor? 

LogicMonitor is at the right stage of growth for a role like mine to have a great impact. I love agility and speed in a company and LogicMonitor is at the right size for that kind of pace in the industry. Also, when you hear amazing things about the products from the customers themselves, you want to work for that company. I am really glad that I chose LogicMonitor. Loving it way too much here.

What is the most rewarding part of your role? 

My role has the unique vantage point of having end-to-end visibility across, inside, and outside the company. I get to discuss strategy with the Executive Leadership team, implement the strategy with the various cross-functional teams, listen to the voice of the customer, feel the pulse of the field, and mentor an absolutely energetic team of bright individuals that I like to call “my team”.

What do you find most challenging about your role? 

Ensuring that everyone in the company is saying the same thing about our products in all forms of internal and external communication. Having consistent product messaging across the company is super critical to the brand, our customers, and our partners. And this is no easy task. I am just getting started with it here in this company.

What is your advice on how to be successful every day? 

I love and practice Inbox Zero. This makes me super responsive and agile all the time. For tasks or emails that I cannot get to immediately, I fall back on a to-do list. This is also something that I maintain and clean up every day. The idea is to not carry over tasks to a different day and prolong it. It has been a challenge with the new job but I am catching up pretty fast to get to my ideal state of being successful every day.

Was there a certain moment in your career that you felt was a turning point? 

I have had several turning points that have helped me with an eclectic career spanning 27+ years. I am very grateful to all those managers and mentors who gave me the needed break at every such turn to advance to the next level. Today, I use such blessings to pay it forward to the community where I coach and mentor many junior professionals to step up to the next level in their careers. It is so gratifying to do that.

If you could choose anyone, who would you pick as your mentor? 

I would have chosen one of these two people but neither of them is alive, unfortunately – Clayton Christensen and Andy Grove. I have read a lot of their books and appreciate their business acumen and insightful perspectives. It would have been an amazing experience to have been under their mentorship even for a short period of time.

What LogicMonitor products/features are you most excited about?

What I am truly excited about is the fact that LogicMonitor gives me the opportunity to talk about full-stack observability rather than individual features and capabilities. While we address a lot of specific challenges for our customers, the convergence of monitoring and observability across networks, IT infrastructure, applications, containers, and cloud is inevitable. We are seeing this happen across the industry and very few vendors like LogicMonitor truly have a comprehensive solution that caters to the diverse needs of small-to-large enterprises and managed service providers in the area of full-stack observability.

What are three words you would use to describe LogicMonitor?

Agile, People, and TheNumberOneProductInTheIndustry.

What do you like to do in your spare time? 

Don’t have much spare time these days but I like to binge-watch TV shows with the family when I can. In a previous life when I had some spare time, I did professional photography, wrote plays, acted in theater, made short films, and more!

What book would you recommend that you have read recently? 

Indra Nooyi’s My Life in Full: Work, Family, and Our Future. It is a fascinating read of how an individual from an ordinary middle-class family grew to such extraordinary heights in business with just her skill, work ethic, and leadership. I have always been in awe of what she has been able to accomplish in the business world. This book gives you an up-close perspective of how she saw each and every decision she made with her career and family. The sweet part is that she hails from my hometown – Madras (now known as Chennai) and I could relate to so many of her narratives from her younger days. If you listen to the Audible version of this book, you can hear her pronounce many of the Tamil words perfectly. Loved it.