EqualLogic monitoring, Lefthand monitoring, and more

Just mentioning it here as many people seem not read release notes. 🙂
LogicMonitor now supports comprehensive Dell EqualLogic monitoring, HP Lefthand monitoring (or P4000 monitoring, if you prefer), and Microsoft Cluster monitoring.
No doubt there’s more I should be mentioning, but these seem to be the most common requests we get for us to add monitoring for, when in fact we already do them. (Microsoft cluster monitoring was recently enhanced to support clusters on Windows 2008 and later, which requires packet encryption to query the cluster WMI namespace. Why MS requires encryption to query just that name space, and not, say the sql server name space, seems a bit odd…)

The other commonly requested feature, which we don’t do but will in the next release (coming out in a week or so), is hardware monitoring for ESX and ESXi hosts.
Our VMWare monitoring is great, but didn’t take advantage of the WBEM CIM providers in ESX for certain hardware (IBM, Dell, HP, etc) that can report hardware health of fans, drives, etc.  It does now.

Got anything else that needs monitoring? Let us know – we’ll do the research and get it monitored for you.