Giving Back: LogicMonitor in the Community

Last May, LogicMonitor accomplished the successful launch of it’s new community outreach program- LogicMonitor Cares. Since the onset of this program, we’ve witnessed some great participation in the handful of events held near our corporate headquarters over the past several months and we couldn’t be more excited!

There is a ready sense of reciprocity that permeates the LogicMonitor culture and it’s our goal to apply that mindset to our local community through participation in charitable events, volunteer opportunities, and the like. Our team aspires to leave a meaningful impact on the community, meanwhile being engaged in activities that truly reflect the values and interests of our diverse crew.

Within our quickly growing team, we have folks who like to run, bike, swim, and surf. We have techies, we have builders, and we have animal lovers. Whatever the interest, we intend on exploring it with a philanthropic approach! Additionally, a side product of having volunteer activities that require team collaboration is that we begin to see relationships form between different departments that don’t typically interact with one another on a daily basis. The inevitable result of working together towards a common goal during these events is the formation of a stronger sense of unity within the company.

At our Santa Barbara location, being surrounded by unparalleled beauty and friendly culture on a daily basis provides a constant reminder that it’s our responsibility to preserve our unique habitat and the community that makes this town so incredibly special. Fortunately, there are seemingly infinite ways to get involved. This is especially due to the abundance of charitable organizations that are nestled in Santa Barbara County- all within reach of our headquarters.

So far, our crew has assisted in the removal of invasive Cape Ivy from Mission Canyon through Los Padres Forest Watch, we’ve participated in the Run to Surf course to benefit the Surf Like a Girl Foundation, and a handful of us gathered in Carpinteria for a day-long home repair project through Habitat for Humanity.

More recently, we launched a food drive campaign called The Can Collective in both our Santa Barbara headquarters and our Austin office. The premise of the campaign was to gather as much food as possible to donate to our local food banks so they could be distributed in time for the holidays. In Santa Barbara, we spurred some friendly competition by pitting the different departments against one another; and, although the donation bins were sparse during the first week, by the end of the two-week period, our winning team in Santa Barbara managed to donate 569 pounds of food out of a whopping 1889 pounds that were collected overall!

So far, I think it’s safe to say that we’ve had an amazing turn out for each of these events and it’s evident that participation is on the rise. We’ve also received plenty of new volunteer ideas from the LM crew that we hope to implement in our future events.

What’s our next step? Seeing as though many of our team members have a tech-oriented mindset, we would also like to focus a portion our volunteer efforts in helping educate the next generation in new and current technologies via community events.  We are looking to collaborate with other local companies to develop a program that would make this education platform feasible.

Our ultimate goal is to continuously involve ourselves in quarterly events, generate outreach ideas from within, and facilitate the actualization of ideas that come from our employees. Lastly, as our company continues to grow, we hope to launch more LM Cares programs in our remote branches as well. More updates to come!