Keeping your Ops teams efficient with LogicMonitor & Atlassian

Monitoring datacenter infrastructure and applications is a team sport. Having the right players on the field is critical to ensuring our customers are wildly successful. Atlassian is one of the key partners for our business and we are excited to support their customers this week at the Atlassian Summit event in San Jose.

Today we are announcing a tighter LogicMonitor integration with HipChat to support ChatOps. We’ve had an integration with HipChat for a long time, but the new LogicMonitor for HipChat means you can be notified about LogicMonitor alerts in your everyday chat tool – and you don’t have to change context to take action!

With the exciting announcement of Stride, our joint customers will be able to communicate more efficiently, with chat, voice and video conferencing and collaboration all in one tool. And LogicMonitor will directly integrate with Stride, so customers migrating to the new Atlassian platform will have access to the more powerful LogicMonitor integration.

LogicMonitor for HipChat enables you to send alerts to HipChat and:

View Alert Details

  • ​You can get the full alert message information in the sidebar of the HipChat room
  • DataSource / Service Graphs are also displayed here.

Acknowledge Alerts

  • Acknowledge alerts directly from the Detailed Alert View. Our HipChat integration can dynamically retrieve your username, so all you have to do is click a button.

Schedule Downtime

  • Respond quickly with a 1 hour Scheduled Downtime, to give you time to investigate an issue.

Mysql Alert Chat

The inclusion of graphs and detailed alert information provides a single context for end to end troubleshooting. The ability to respond via acknowledgements and SDTs enables your team to increase responsiveness to alerts, by allowing actions from the tool they’re already working in day-to-day.

LogicMonitor is sponsoring the Atlassian Summit, September 12-14 in San Jose, CA.  Visit us at booth #835.