LM Referral Spotlight: Alex Stowell

LM Referral Spotlight: Alex Stowell

Sr Manager, Sales Operations

How did you first learn about LogicMonitor?

I first heard of LogicMonitor when a former colleague of mine joined, and I have been slowly following LM since.  When one of my former employees from my previous company then joined, I was really intrigued and began to keep my eye open for any openings that would fit my experience.

Tell us a bit about the person who referred you to LM.

I have known Jillian Bierman for years, and we met while working at Bazaarvoice. In fact, we both interviewed for a leadership position there, and she ended up getting the role over me (everything happens for a reason)! Jillian and I have become friends over the years, and we were both in a bi-weekly dinner club that would go to our favorite Indian restaurant in Austin called Nasha! As soon as this role popped up on my LinkedIn feed, I sent her a text to get more information. Within a day, I had applied and had an LM recruiter reaching out to me!

What factors helped you to make your decision in choosing to work at LM? 

I am the type of person that does not like to change companies often, and I like to create a checklist of what I am looking for (size of company, leadership team, product-market fit, surrounding team, scope of work, history of the company). For me, it isn’t about just finding any role that looks great on the surface, but where I see myself getting settled in and making an impact.

What really set LM apart was:

  • Solid product and a great fit in the market. Our product is not a want, it is a need – even in the worst of times, our product is still a need.
  • ELT. We have a diverse group of ELT that includes 5 women and everyone is extremely well experienced and has seen various companies at different scales and when they come together, they make a powerful punch.
  • The direct team. This includes the team I manage, my peers in my org and the teams I will be supporting. I was so impressed with everyone I spoke with and how engaged they were, how driven and excited about LM and what they were working on.  

What was your overall first impression of LM?

The first impression here has been a very positive one. Granted, at the time of writing this, I am 3 weeks in. Everyone is willing to take the time to answer ALL my questions, and meet with me to give me the entire run down to get me up to speed, and my team has shown excitement by leaning in.  

What do you love about the team you work with now?

My team is extremely hard-working, incredibly smart, and willing to collaborate and bounce ideas off each other. There is a real sense of team vs feeling like you are on an island. Everyone brings something unique to the table and no one has an issue stating their perspective. Each day my excitement to work with this team grows!

What are you excited about going forward?

I am excited about getting settled in, bringing structure to my team, and learning what I can. I want to make an impact on both the people I manage and the company. There seem to be a lot of opportunities to do this that I need to capitalize on.

How has being referred to LM changed your career, life, or goals?

LM will be the 4th tech company I have worked for, and every single one of them has been a referral in. As I was searching for a new company and role, I wanted to go back into a learning mode and be challenged. By the time I left my last company, I was the person that knew everything and became the go-to person to fix any problem or business challenge that popped up. Being referred to LM has changed the course of my experience and career. I am now the one that is seeking more info and curious. I don’t think it has drastically changed my goals overall, but coming here will uplevel and mature me both professionally and personally.  

If you were to refer someone to LM, what advice would you give them or what might you tell them to help them make their decision?

I always tell anyone that is looking at a change in their career to do their due diligence, write out a checklist of what they need and are looking for in the next move, and not rush through making a decision. I would tell them specifically about LM; that we are continuing to grow, we have a killer product that everyone brags about (customers included!), and that everyone here is so supportive. It is hard to find that combo in a company, but LM hits it on the head.