LM Referral Spotlight: Julio Rodriguez

LogicMonitor Employee Spotlight Julio Rodriguez

Employee Name: Julio Rodriguez

Title: Sr. Account Executive

How did you first learn about LogicMonitor?

I first heard of LogicMonitor through a former colleague, Alec Greene. He invited me out to lunch at Tumble 22. For the better half of an hour, he talked about how much he loved his job, how great the culture was, and overall how happy he was to be part of the company. After several weeks of Alec’s bragging during our weekly Dungeons & Dragons campaign, I reached out to him and said “I’m ready to join the Rocket Ship!”

Tell us a bit about the person who referred you to LM.

Technically there were two people that referred me. The first, Alec Greene, is currently a Customer Success Manager at LogicMonitor, and despite some delays getting my initial call scheduled, he remained determined to have me connect with a recruiter. 

The second is Spencer McCarthy, a Renewals Manager at LogicMonitor. Spencer had only been in his role for a couple of weeks when he heard that I was interviewing with LogicMonitor. He shared with me how much he enjoyed his onboarding process, and how excited he was about starting a new role with an organization that has massive potential to grow. He was also pretty excited about how cool the office in downtown Austin, TX was. 

What factors helped you to make your decision in choosing to work at LM? 

Aside from all the great things I’d heard from my previous colleagues about career opportunities and how great the culture was, I did some of my own research to see what customers had to say about LogicMonitor. While I found reviews from some very satisfied customers, it was ultimately my interviews with the LM team that led to my decision. 

I spoke with Thania Solomon, a current Enterprise Account Executive, on what a day in the life was like; I met with Jude Bakeer, a Sales Engineer Team Lead, on the differentiated value of LogicMonitor and the competition; and finally met with Brian Youngblood, VP of Corporate Sales, and Hass Johnson, Regional VP of Sales, and was blown away by their outlooks on leadership. That was the icing on the cake. 

What was your overall first impression of LM?

Overall my first impression was “Woah”, things around here go fast, and in a good way. The term “RocketShip” was sprinkled throughout my first week and that’s no understatement. What made it easy to adapt to the pace was the community of colleagues I now have and their support. 

What do you love about the team you work with now?

I’m surrounded by an amazing team. Everyone was very welcoming, and they continue to share their best practices as I ramp up. I love my team’s unique backgrounds, and I believe that diversity presents a great opportunity to learn from one another. 

You marry that with the leadership from our Director, Zack Gonzales, and it’s a recipe for success. It genuinely feels like everyone is having fun working their craft. 

In what ways have you grown since starting at LM? 

Since starting with LogicMonitor I’ve learned a lot about infrastructure monitoring and the LogicMonitor platform. It was a bit intimidating at first, but thanks to my onboarding class and instructors, I’m more confident. 

Most recently I completed my LMCA certification and I’m looking forward to taking on my LMCP to increase my knowledge of our platform.  

What are you excited about going forward?

I’m excited to continue to learn more from the conversations I have with my clients and prospects about ways we can help. There’s always a unique story to be told when connecting with them and that in it itself is exciting. 

I’m also looking forward to working with partners that oversee my territory. There’s plenty I can learn from them and it gives me an opportunity to further establish the relationships we’ve built. 

How has being referred to LM changed your career, life, or goals?

Well, this is going to sound corny, but career-wise, I’m genuinely excited to come in every day with the mentality to do better. Everyone I’ve met in the short time I’ve been here has been tremendously helpful, and when you’re surrounded with that type of energy it makes you eager to one day pay it forward. 

From a goals perspective, it starts by doing the best at my job. I look forward to one day taking on a mentorship role and ultimately would love to support a team of my own. 

Our jobs play such a major part in our lives. If you get to enjoy the work that you do and the people you work with, then life becomes a bit more blissful. I feel like LogicMonitor has already made a positive impact on my life, and it’s only the beginning. 

If you were to refer someone to LM, what advice would you give them or what might you tell them to help them make their decision?

I’d say, meet with as many people within the organization as possible and understand the “why” behind their decision to join the LogicMonitor team. I think they’d be surprised as to how many different answers they’d get.