LM Unleashed: 2019 Global Kick-off

Last week, the LogicMonitor executive staff kicked off a global tour across the LM offices to celebrate 2018 wins and share the company vision moving into 2019. This annual Company Kick-Off event (CKO) remains a strong tradition here at LogicMonitor, allowing team members to celebrate, collaborate and fuel-up for success in the coming year. This year, team events were held at our offices in Austin, Santa Barbara, London, and Chengdu, with a global sales and marketing-focused kick-off occurring at LM headquarters in sunny Santa Barbara.

Kevin McGibben, CEO, kicked things off with a look at where LogicMonitor has been over the last 10 years while painting a vibrant picture of where we’re going — think company expansion and platform additions. Company values were at the forefront of this conversation:

  • Customer-obsessed.
  • Better every day.
  • One team.

And as we look forward, these core values will continue to serve as key success drivers. The team also heard from LM’s Founder and Chief Evangelist, Steve Francis, about the early days of LogicMonitor when he set out to solve the age-old market problem of infrastructure monitoring. Steve shared a story from his days as a network engineer with a pager so overrun by alerts that he had to put it in the freezer while he slept. Cue the birth of LogicMonitor. Fast forward 10 years and LogicMonitor is solving just that problem with features like alert dependencies, anomaly detection, and remediation. These are just a few key ingredients that makeup LogicMonitor’s extensible hybrid monitoring platform.

As we reflect on the past year, it’s easy to say that 2018 was a transformative year for LogicMonitor — from the Vista acquisition and resulting growth to major additions within the LM platform, the success was felt far and wide as we took this moment to pause and celebrate. As a team, LogicMonitor brought in a record amount of customers during 2018 (the most in company history!). But it doesn’t stop there. Many LM sales reps – both seasoned pros and novices – worked hard to achieve their yearly goals, earning spots in the highly coveted President’s Club, which includes bragging rights and an all-inclusive Costa Rican getaway. All of this was celebrated at our Sales Kick-off (SKO) and a black-tie awards gala which took place at the breathtaking Hotel Californian in downtown Santa Barbara.

These outstanding achievements could not have been possible without the teams behind the scenes. Kick-off attendees heard from Tej Redkar, Chief Product Officer, about the product vision for 2019+ and the company goal to build the most extensible, comprehensive, and intelligent infrastructure monitoring platform in the world. Gadi Oren, VP of Product, drove the conversation around AIOps. And we can’t talk about sales and product without mentioning one of our most important values: the success of our customers. Mark Kelly, SVP of Customer Experience shed light on investments and growth for our customer-facing teams. Lastly, Stephen Tarleton, VP of Marketing, shared his plan to help guide potential customers through the buyer journey with integrated marketing campaigns and the highly anticipated LM user conference.

We are excited to share our product roadmap as well as industry trends unveiled at our company kickoff in the form of our first ever user conference! LogicMonitor executives and industry leaders will share key insights in o
ur two-day conference designed for IT professionals and DevOps teams that want to be more efficient, more collaborative, and more strategic. More info to come, we can’t wait to see you there!

While 2018 was a monumental year for LogicMonitor, we are looking forward to an even stronger 2019. LogicMonitor Kick-off is just one of the many ways that we bring our global teams together to collaborate and set goals. With the new year underway and CKO / SKO under our belt, it’s safe to say that LogicMonitor team members are readily armed with insights and motivation to fully unleash in 2019.