LogicMonitor Celebrates Women’s Equality Day

LogicMonitor Celebrates Women’s Equality Day

August 26th is Women’s Equality Day. This year celebrates the 100-year anniversary of the certification of the 19th Amendment and a century of women voters. 

Annually, this day honors the 72-year, non-violent suffrage movement that extended voting rights to women in the United States. Today, it is a symbol of the continued fight for equal rights and gender equality.  

As part of our commitment to celebrating diversity, LogicMonitor sponsors community groups to encourage robust employee engagement and discussion. Women @ LM is a community group dedicated to creating a supportive and inclusive work environment for the women of LogicMonitor. We had the opportunity to ask members of Women @ LM about what this day means to them.

“What does the Right to Vote mean to you?”

Lucero Castaneda
Sales Development Representative

“There was a time in which we, as women, didn’t have a voice. In order to transform our country and create positive change, our ancestors fought for our rights. Thus, we need to continue to use our vote today to support, guide, and spawn the change we want to see in the future of tomorrow.”

“I vote to help shape the future my kids will be growing up in. Change is slow, every election has an impact now and long term. I think it is important to be civically engaged to start shifting the foundations that haven’t been working for so long. For example, equality and acceptance are both things our generation can work on changing, and being civically engaged causes a semi-shift now but empowers the younger generations to speak out and speak up.”

Cyn Taylor
Team Lead, Customer Success
Esther Avila
Talent Acquisition Associate

“Voting to me is like one small whisper. But when you add all those whispers together they can become a roar and enact change. That analogy comes from Julie Garwood, and it’s what motivates me and reminds me that my one vote does matter.”

“I’m very cognizant of the fact that participating in a democracy and in the electoral process isn’t something that is always a given, especially for women, and I don’t want to take my opportunity for granted. Being civically engaged is a tangible pathway for me to help enact the change I want to see and if citizens are more civically engaged, this improves the quality of policy being developed, making it more practical and relevant to our daily lives”

Rishika Ramireddy 
Business Systems Analyst
Kelsey Hayenga
Event Marketing Manager

“I am grateful to live in a nation where voting gives us a voice and avenue to drive change. As a Voter Deputy Registrar, I am able to register voters in my county. This is an important opportunity for me because I see civic engagement as a vehicle to generate powerful outcomes and elect leadership that is truly representative of their constituents–but the success is contingent on each of use using our right to vote!”