LogicMonitor Integrates With PagerDuty to Automate Incident Workflow

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As part of our v.71 release, we announced that LogicMonitor integrates with PagerDuty. Our PagerDuty integration completely automates incident workflow between LogicMonitor and PagerDuty, helping to reduce incident response time and keeping engineers informed throughout the incident lifecycle.

PagerDuty is an agile incident management platform that works with IT Operations and DevOps teams to improve operational reliability and agility. PagerDuty allows teams to minimize the amount of disruption from noisy alarms and focus on larger infrastructure efforts.

With the LogicMonitor PagerDuty integration, the entire incident lifecycle is incredibly simplified.

Here’s an example of an error alert cycle with our LM/PagerDuty integration:

  • An alert triggers, causing an incident in PagerDuty to be opened automatically
  • An engineer receives a notification, which could be through PagerDuty, LogicMonitor’s own alert escalation system, or both
  • The engineer is able to acknowledge, fix, and add notes about the issue directly in LogicMonitor; all of these changes will be automatically propagated to PagerDuty, updating the incident appropriately

With our integration, issues are resolved faster and the process of adding, updating and closing 
incidents is completely automated. In this way, the on-call engineer can stay focused on fixing the issue at hand while remaining confident that status updates will be correctly reflected in PagerDuty and communicated to the team. 

While customers have always been able to create their own PagerDuty integration using LogicMonitor WebHooks, our integration makes things really easy. All a user needs to do is paste the PagerDuty Service Key into LogicMonitor, and incidents will start flowing between the two tools, as illustrated in this image:

PagerDuty LM Service Key

You can see an example of a LogicMonitor alert, as shown in PagerDuty, below:

PagerDuty LM_Alert

You can easily customize which status changes are sent from LogicMonitor to PagerDuty to ensure you are alerted on the right issues at the right time.

For full details about implementing LogicMonitor’s PagerDuty integration, see this page.