LogicMonitor Thing Explainer

My son just got “Thing Explainer” for a gift. Which led me to try “Thing Explainer” writing of what LogicMonitor does (using only the ten hundred most used words, validated by xkcd.com/simplewriter/).

It’s sad making, but LogicMonitor is not one of the ten hundred most used words. Yet. But I’ll use it anyway. (I could call it “Reason Looker”, but I won’t.)

LogicMonitor is a cloud service to tell people how their computers and other information boxes are doing.

The gather thing runs at peoples’ computer building and gathers information about all their information boxes, and sends it in a way that can’t be read except by the LogicMonitor information boxes.

The LogicMonitor system has lots of knowing about what information the gather thing should get, for all different kinds of information boxes, and the different jobs the information boxes can do (like page shower, message sender, information store). It also knows about what stuff to ask to make sure the information box is happy, and has power, and is not too hot, and so on.

LogicMonitor can also check that all the parts of the world can reach your information boxes.

The LogicMonitor computers do several things with the information the gather thing sends it about the information boxes. LogicMonitor checks the information and if the information box is not happy, it checks how much it is not happy. LogicMonitor will tell a person about the sad information box, by computer writing, or phone noise, or phone ring (if the box is really not happy, or it’s an important information box). If that person doesn’t take care of the sad information box, LogicMonitor can tell other people.

LogicMonitor will also make information pictures about the information boxes. The information pictures let you see stuff about many information boxes at once, or look close at all the things about one information box. This lets you spot things going funny before they get too funny – often when an information box is just a little sad, and before it hurts anyone.
many information pictures

The information pictures are a great way to show your company big person what all your computer boxes are doing and why you need more. LogicMonitor will also use information about the information boxes to make pages of pictures and words and numbers in a pretty way that talk about the information boxes, and help show how good a job you are doing. This is also good for your company big person, or your team, or your people that pay you money, to see.

There are other companies that make stuff like LogicMonitor, but LogicMonitor is really good at figuring out what stuff to gather without people, on all sorts of information boxes. (And because LogicMonitor is cloud made, you do not need even more information boxes to watch your other information boxes.) It’s also really good no matter if you own your own information boxes, or use someone else’s information boxes, or both. And it works if you have twenty, or twenty ten hundred information boxes. It can even tell/guess the future about how your information boxes are going to be.

And our people that help our people-that-pay-us-money are great. Even if they do usually use bigger words than the most used ten hundred words. 🙂

Enjoy your happy days.
The LogicMonitor Team.