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Q&A with LogicMonitor: on Enterprise IT Monitoring and the LM Cloud by LogicMonitor

By Ion Mae

Managing today’s modern enterprise IT environment has become increasingly challenging. Many companies are finding that traditional monitoring strategies and tools no longer suffice given that the way they do business has also changed radically.

New device types, IT services, and applications with various technology stacks and databases have proliferated in the enterprise, which is why it has become fundamental for organizations and their teams to rethink their approach towards enterprise IT monitoring in order to ensure business continuity. But where should enterprises begin? And how can they equip themselves with the right monitoring tools and strategies that will enable them to achieve the highest levels of performance and efficiency in the entire IT ecosystem?

SourceForge recently had a chat with Steve Francis, the Founder of LogicMonitor, to discuss the importance of enterprise IT monitoring and how organizations can choose the right monitoring solution. Francis also talks about the LM Cloud by LogicMonitor and how this platform provides enterprises with real-time visibility into the performance of their cloud services. Francis also shares some insights on the results of their latest study, The State of IT Service Delivery.

Q: First and foremost, can you provide us with a brief background of LogicMonitor (i.e. year founded, size, solutions, industries you serve, etc.)?

A: LogicMonitor is the leader in SaaS-based performance monitoring for Enterprise IT. With monitoring coverage for thousands of technologies, and integrations with key business applications, LogicMonitor provides granular visibility into infrastructure, cloud and application performance across hybrid and cloud infrastructures.

Founded in 2007, LogicMonitor, now a Vista company, has 250 employees, 1,800 customers, and 7 global offices. LogicMonitor solves business problems for customers in every vertical across enterprise IT, managed service providers, and SaaS companies.

Q: What do you see as some of the biggest challenges facing modern enterprises today? And in your opinion, how is IT monitoring helping organizations alleviate them?

In the digital revolution, companies implemented a wide array of systems to digitize all of their processes and work streams. However, in the rush to modernize, companies rarely implemented a long term strategy on how to manage the complexity that comes with modern IT. As a result, most companies are full of decentralized systems and processes that don’t communicate making it difficult for IT organizations to catch and fix issues before they cause downtime.

Proper IT monitoring is the most effective response to these challenges. With automated, system-based IT monitoring tools, companies can detect and prevent many of these potential issues, without adding more to the workload of the IT professionals in their organization. All while centralizing the monitoring and management of previously disparate systems.

Q: Generally speaking, what are some must-haves for companies that want to achieve successful network monitoring?

A: There are a lot of features that companies expect to see in a network monitoring solution. Core capabilities include:

  • A comprehensive infrastructure monitoring solution that allows organizations to monitor their entire IT infrastructure from on-premises gear to public cloud.
  • Given the difficulty of effective monitoring, it’s important for solutions to have out-of the-box functionality and built in intelligence with features like preconfigured templates to help companies manage the vast array of different technologies and services.
  • As more and more services and workloads move to the cloud, it’s vital that monitoring solutions provide visibility into cloud services alongside on-premise systems. A single-pane-of-glass view helps users pinpoint the cause of an issue faster making for quicker time to resolution.
  • Powerful, real-time dashboards that are fully customizable help users visualize their complex IT infrastructure in a way that works for their business (from multi-cloud and hybrid views to executive-level business dashboards).

Q: In your experience, what are the most common mistakes enterprises make when it comes to IT monitoring? What do you recommend to fix these?

Organizations often use many monitoring point tools to gain visibility into different parts of their infrastructure from cloud, virtualization, storage, and others. It takes a significant amount of time to implement and manage these disparate monitoring tools.

We recommend that organizations monitor their entire IT infrastructure in a single platform to deliver a consistent view across the entire infrastructure. By properly monitoring devices, apps, and services with a single end-to-end solution, organizations gain much better insight into its operations. In the end, this leads to improved decision making, increased efficiency, and a better customer experience. And being SaaS based is a major bonus!

Q: Tell us about LM Cloud. What are its key features and capabilities?

LM Cloud by LogicMonitor is the total solution for cloud services monitoring. It easily integrates into any IT environment with coverage for all major cloud providers. Today’s enterprise organizations operate across multiple cloud providers like AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google. By providing real-time visibility into the performance of cloud services, LM Cloud enables IT departments to maximize their investments and proactively prevent downtime of critical applications and processes.

This complete visibility is achieved with a comprehensive cloud monitoring strategy that includes monitoring of resource performance, cloud provider availability, and ROI. By monitoring these three components, users can operate with the confidence that their cloud deployment is optimized. And no more sticker shock!

In addition, LM Cloud allows users to streamline workflows by integrating cloud monitoring with the monitoring of their entire technology stack, from traditional on-premises infrastructure to cloud services. LogicMonitor provides granular visibility into infrastructure and application performance.

Key features of LM Cloud include:

  • Built-in intelligence to enable automated discovery of an organization’s entire cloud environment so users can begin to monitor their cloud deployment within minutes.
  • Automatically generated dashboards provide a bird’s-eye-view into every component of an organization’s cloud deployment from provider availability, to resource health and ROI analysis.
  • Enhanced visibility into cloud resources and application performance right out-of-the-box so IT teams can quickly troubleshoot issues across hybrid environments to prevent downtime.

Q: A new industry study, announced July 18, explores the State of IT Service Delivery and the importance of monitoring for optimized performance. Tell us more about the findings.

A: Recently, we polled nearly 100 ServiceNow Knowledge 18 attendees and LogicMonitor customers to understand the current state of IT Service Delivery. As organizations look to next-generation technologies (NGTs) to improve their operations and deliver a better customer experience, we decided to find out what factors organizations consider when evaluating new IT service delivery solutions, and what helps them mitigate the risks associated with deploying new technologies. With the majority of respondents already implementing or planning to implement a modern IT solution, it’s clear that IT Service Delivery is evolving to become an increasingly important part of this evolution.

Driven by the need to increase efficiency (80%), improve decision-making (76%), and offer a better customer experience (76%), we found that organizations are relying on NGTs and monitoring as they approach this new State of IT Service Delivery.

84% of respondents recognize the value that properly monitoring devices, apps, and services can have for a successful IT service delivery solution. It’s clear that NGTs such as cloud-to-the-edge and artificial intelligence are transforming how IT Service Delivery processes work. To keep pace with competitors in the evolving marketplace, companies should embrace these technologies and invest in effective monitoring processes to ensure the best customer experience possible.

Q: Speaking of IT Service Delivery, what are the benefits of LogicMonitor’s integration with ServiceNow?

A: LogicMonitor’s integration with ServiceNow delivers visibility, agility, and the speed needed to level-up customer experience. With this integration companies will benefit from:

  • Automated ticket management for context aware alerts that can be acknowledged from within ServiceNow
  • Streamlined monitoring from a single platform
  • Custom CMDB integrations from a powerful API

About LogicMonitor

LogicMonitor is a leading provider of SaaS-based solutions for enterprise IT monitoring. Founded in 2007, LogicMonitor enables enterprise IT teams to intelligently monitor and gain visibility into the infrastructure, applications, and services that fuel their business. LogicMonitor delivers the speed, flexibility, and actionable insights IT teams need through its automated device discovery solutions, preconfigured alert thresholds and rich, customizable dashboards.

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