The New CMO Powerball: Marketing While You Sleep

Or dive.  Or coach little league.  Or mow the lawn.

As marketers, we live in data.  Every move is, or should be, data driven.  And I am sure most of you start your day as I do: checking out your Salesforce dashboards and logging in to Google Analytics.

But what if you were able to get alerts from GA that did more than just flag interesting moments and spikes in activity?  What if, for example, you could have that alert to spiked traffic trigger a website health check so you could understand what’s happening? And what if that health check found a broken link and auto-alerted your webmaster somewhere in the world who could fix it before too much customer exposure happened or too many free trials were abandoned?  Got an app in the store like us?  Imagine if you could track its rating in real time and get an alert the instant a low rating was posted.  And….what if all of this happened while you were sleeping?

Enter the new CMO Powerball: data driven insights that are triggered automatically.  It’s here today.  I use it.  It’s called LogicMonitor, and it’s not just for IT.  It’s for business executives like you and me.  LogicMonitor is a powerful and easy to configure data catcher.  I’m not an engineer, but with the help of my trusted colleague Ian Bloom, we were able to quickly set up a collector to track my website traffic, handle spikes and trigger actionable alerts into text and chat without me ever having to log in to GA directly.

I also track my top competitors, so if their traffic and press activity spikes, I’ll get a text alert and HipChat message with a link to review the content so I can evaluate what’s happening and take action before I get to the office.

Example:  One of our competitors recently made a feature announcement.  I got a HipChat alert, read the news, and crafted some talking points to share with our sales teams so they could handle customer and prospect questions.  In the old world I might not have logged in to GA again that day, and might have been hit with pings from my sales guys or worse, my boss!

Example:  On July 28th a Marketo outage caused some major headaches for most marketing executives.  Someone at Marketo failed to renew their DNS domain.  Things happen.  It’s not a perfect world and humans are imperfect.  So, users couldn’t access their services.  LogicMonitor watches my Marketo activity and I have an alert set that let me know it was down.  I simply paused my planned Marketo activity, re-set expectations internally about program roll-out timing and grabbed a latte rather than an Advil.  

Oh, and that Ian Bloom guy?  He’s also our resident surf-fanatic and uses LogicMonitor to watch the surf conditions.  Fellow water-lovers here can subscribe to his alert and know when big wave action is happening.  #love.

Fig. 1. The peaks on this graph show the height of the Central Coast Surf in real time. We use HipChat here at LogicMonitor, and all our surfers get a chat alert when the waves hit optimal height. So if there’s a break in the action, they can go have some fun.

In a world where everything is slinging data and everyone is trying to derive actionable insights from that data, it’s nice to have a powerful tool that let’s me stay on top of my business even while I sleep.  To all of my fellow CMOs and marketing executives, please check out a free trial of LogicMonitor or ping me for a demo of my own Marketing Powerball set up.  I’m happy to share the love.  And grateful for the extra zzz’s.