Why Monitoring Your SaaSs Could Lead to Better Sleep

Why Monitoring Your SaaSs Could Lead to Better Sleep

SaaS or Software-as-a-Service make up a growing amount of business-critical functionality. Gone are the days of hosting every single application necessary to run a successful business. Everything from email hosting, financial systems, and human resources functions are all now done on SaaS-hosted platforms. The knowledge that all of this is out of your hands is both freeing and frustrating. In order to sleep better at night, it’s worth having a unified platform to monitor all your PaaS, IaaS, SaaS, on-premise infrastructure, and even track things like COVID

In this article, we will cover:

Why Monitor SaaS?

When it comes to monitoring Software-as-a-Service there are a few targeted reasons to monitor SaaS performance.

First and foremost is to make sure that businesses are able to move forward at a good pace with no disruptions. While this sounds simple, we all know that it isn’t. Whether it be from a natural disaster or someone tripping over a power cord, downtime happens. Knowing and understanding whether the downtime can be prevented allows you to adjust your expectations of resolution.

SaaS applications normally charge based on a usage component: users, storage, API requests, etc. This is another dimension to monitor your SaaS for. Being able to right-size your SaaS could not only save costs but also prevent downtime if you are constantly near capacity. Understanding all of your SaaS usage in one platform is hard to accomplish but can free up time and energy to focus on other areas of the business.

SaaS overview dashboard in LogicMonitor showing resources and API calls, as well as an alert overview.

Why That Means More Sleep

As a leader in your company, trusting and understanding your SaaS applications and their performance means spending more time focusing on moving the business forward. Moving the business forward means more time to eat, relax, and sleep. This gives you the time to recharge and attack the next goal with full force. 

Monitoring your SaaS applications should not be a full-time job but something that nearly handles itself. Alerting on usage limits or potential issues early can allow you to be proactive at preventing business impact to the point of near clairvoyance. Now it is time to earn that extra sleep. 

Working With LogicMonitor to Provide SaaS Visibility

LogicMonitor can provide a single pane of glass that gives visibility into all the needs of your business. SaaSs are just the newest step toward a fully operational business strategy. LogicMonitor provides the out-of-the-box alerting and dashboarding needed to understand your business. SaaS applications have been added into the fold at LogicMonitor to allow users to have a fully integrated understanding.

LogicMonitor uses API-based authentication and metric monitoring to provide simple, easy to implement, and easier to understand metric monitoring of SaaSs. This visibility can be shown alongside your other business processes to give a clear picture of your business-critical infrastructure. Having one trusted place to understand your business and see the performance of your SaaS applications and how they fit in the broader infrastructure allows you to grow forward and gain back some critical sleep time at the end of the day.

A sample SaaS overview pie chart in LogicMonitor showing clarity and trust and Peace of mind.

Starting April 7th, 2021 LogicMonitor is providing quick and easy monitoring of SaaS applications using API authentication. Add the ability to monitor your business-critical SaaS applications in just three clicks in your LogicMonitor portal to receive metric monitoring and dashboards for your SaaS applications.