You think you got geek cred? See if you remember these…

Apparently some LogicMonitor people (and it wasn’t just the guys) decided to strut their geek cred in one of our internal chat rooms this afternoon.  The names have been removed to protect the geeky.

See how many of these old school technologies you recall…. (sorry Gen Y – you might have to Alta Vista Google some of this stuff.)

3:32 PM i like the “browser support” section

3:34 PM OMG IE 5.5!!!!!

3:34 PM i’d laugh if it wasn’t so sad that there still are some people using it

3:35 PM I have Netscape Navigator 4.0 installed on this machine

3:35 PM I have seen AOL IE recently

3:35 PM (just kidding)

3:35 PM I’ve a couple hundred free hours for AOL if anyone wants them

3:36 PM still using mosaic here

3:36 PM the kids won’t get that one

3:36 PM the rubber on my acoustic coupler modem is degrading. need new one.

3:37 PM i beat you all with the timex 2000

3:37 PM My Commodore 64 has more memory than anyone could ever need

3:37 PM i thought we were talking about browsers

3:37 PM lol. needed to google the timex.

3:38 PM if anyone have a need for a micro channel 2, super duper fast serial card, I have one

3:38 PM Andrew changed things by talking modems

3:38 PM I blame him

3:38 PM off to watch war games

3:38 PM i think we got to the bottom of browsers with mosaic

3:39 PM i actually used mosaic in college

3:40 PM Can’t remember what i started with uni. I remember developing in the hotjava(?) browser.

3:41 PM no…before there was mosaic there was gopher!

3:41 PM this is true

3:42 PM I don’t remember what browser I used in college, but I do remember when we made the email program jump from elm to pine

3:42 PM WHOA — pine was cool

3:42 PM pine was nice…

3:42 PM what is wrong with sendmail

3:43 PM at least it wasn’t elm

3:43 PM sendmail was the basis for the first real worm, that’s what was wrong

3:43 PM i used it for years… i actually hacked a version of the pine source to do something similar to superquote for emacs

3:44 PM Behl and I used at one point

3:44 PM that was  big step up from gopher..

3:45 PM Gopher wasn’t really so much of a browser as a search tool, I thought.

3:47 PM this is starting to look a lot like slashdot

3:48 PM ah /.

3:48 PM yeah old slashdot not this new beta rubbish.

3:48 PM I have a telegraph sounder lying around somewhere. (no key, though)

3:49 PM cool. what power would that need?

3:50 PM The first company I worked at, in 1995… gave away NetManage Chameleon browser

3:51 PM I’m not really sure (when I originally got it, it was in the pre-arduino days and I was going to try and wire it to a primitive alerting system). My recollection is that it wants ~30volts dc (but it may be higher)

3:52 PM ok, while we’re trying to go way back, i installed this from a stack of 3.5 floppies:

slackware  1.1   5 November 1993 ?? 0.99.13

3:52 PM while i was managing vax/vms

3:52 PM nice

3:53 PM it was a bitch to get X working

3:54 PM I’ll bet.

3:55 PM had to know a little bit about XF86Config

3:55 PM @JeffBehl  I think I’d forgotten gopher. I was thinking about “archie”

3:55 PM that was something in the library?  seems to remember a “melville” terminal

3:56 PM No, archie was a command line search that would look through some kind of resources for the files you were looking for.

Despite what you may think, the above group of people are up with the latest tech, too. (The conversation devolved from here into fluid sensors, raspberry pi or arduinos for monitoring the beer level in the office kegerators….)