LogicMonitor at Best of Breed 2018

LogicMonitor will be at Best of Breed 2018 in October. 

The CRN® Best of Breed Conference brings together a prestigious gathering of 100+ of the most influential executives from CRN’s Solution Provider 500, Tech Elite 250, and Fast Growth 150 communities.

Join us for a Speaking Session

Title: Growing Revenue and Creating Operational Leverage with LogicMonitor

David Powell – General Manager, Service Provider Business

All service providers are pursuing more revenue and greater profitability. There seem to be many good ideas to pursue, but who has time to figure out the best path forward? In this session, LogicMonitor will give real world illustrations of how companies have leveraged LogicMonitor to grow revenue, offer new services, and increase profitability through enhancing operational leverage. We’ll look at automation, co-managed solutions, and gaining clarity into more complex and sophisticated environments.

Tues, October 9th


Commonwealth Hall C

What is Best of Breed? Where CEO’s Gather To Discuss The Business Of The Channel.

What sets best-of-breed CEOs apart is their uncanny ability to be forward-looking. This does not happen by accident, as these solution provider executives must develop their capacity to envision the future of the channel as well as their own organization. As strategists, they shape the channel’s future in the form of services to offer, the customers to pursue, the strategic partnerships to forge, and the next-generation skills to create for employees. These leaders are focused on answering the question, “Where are we going?” and then leaning into the future more than other companies might. They realize they need to change their own habits as well as those of the leadership team and the entire organization to survive the disruptive change sweeping through the channel. They cannot afford to have some people live in yesterday while others live in tomorrow. The business model just won’t survive under that conflict. Strategy, as one prominent CEO says, is now hourly, with strategic thinking more fluid than ever. That is why CEOs must come together at the BoB Conference to leverage the collective wisdom so they can speed up change.