LogicMonitor at CloudExpo Europe

Cloud Monitoring

Join us at Booth #C430
2-3 March 2022
ExCel London, UK

At the Event

IT infrastructure is growing more complicated every day. Visit the LogicMonitor booth to find out how unified observability across servers, services, systems and environments can prevent problems while supplying teams with actionable data and forecasting. From on-premises servers to cloud services, network flow to digital workflows, LogicMonitor can monitor every facet of your evolving infrastructure with automated configuration. Join one of our sessions or come and see us on the booth for a live demo.

Join our sessions

DevOps – The rate of change framework
12:30 on Wednesday 2nd March 2022
DevOps Live Theatre 1
The need for speed dictates how teams work, the technologies they choose and the culture they adopt. The goals of the business yield definition to the parameters around rate of change necessary, and this in turn drives people, process and technology. In this session we’ll cover the rate of change framework, insights on people, process and technology in todays DevOps world and make a small foray into how culture is a fundamental part of success.

Team Buy-in: introducing DevOps to the business (Panel Session)
13:05 on Wednesday 2nd March 2022
DevOps Live Theatre 1
DevOps is ultimately about changing how individuals, teams and whole organisations work. It requires a big shift in thinking and can be very challenging to break down protected silos. This session is aimed at organisations that can see the value of DevOps but are also well aware of the challenges they will face if they try to introduce it. This panel discussion will explore the skills gap, training options and ways to educate the business on DevOps and its value.

Foolproof your monitoring with forecasting and failure prevention (Roundtable)
10:00 on Thursday 3rd March 2022
CEE Multi Function Zone
With a reactive monitoring approach, the primary focus lies on minimising outages and reducing MTTR. Putting out fires and searching for root causes eats away at valuable time that could be geared towards innovative and strategic projects. In this session, including demo and Q&A, we’ll take a deep dive into how you can shift gears from focussing on MTTR to focussing on MTTI – or mean time to innovate.

The LogicMonitor After Party

16:00 onwards on Wednesday 2nd March 2022
La Barrique
Join the LogicMonitor team for a refreshing beverage and delicious snacks following your day at CloudExpo Europe. We’ll be chatting intelligent monitoring, full stack observability, log analysis at more at La Barrique, right next door to ExCel.
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