Making Sense of Modern Apps with LogicMonitor APM

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Wednesday, December 15th 10:00 am PST

Thursday, December 16th at 12:00 pm GMT

LogicMonitor has evolved to include Application Performance Monitoring (APM) for customers to navigate digital challenges within their applications. LM APM enables a holistic view of the business – from modern applications to their infrastructure and everything in between.

It’s becoming increasingly essential to invest in a single solution for ITOps & DevOps that brings together IT infrastructure monitoring, logs, and APM to create a view of your entire operations.

Join us to learn how LM APM can help your DevOps teams practice unified observability, reduce tool sprawl, enable proactive monitoring, and correlate data in a single pane of glass – all in one platform.

BONUS: All attendees are entered to win one of (10) $25 gift cards.

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Chris Kline, Director of Observability Sales Specialists, LogicMonitor

Chris Kline leads a senior customer-facing team of observability experts at LogicMonitor. With 20 years experience, he works with customer executives to create real and lasting value for their initiatives. Chris lives in Colorado where he enjoys hiking, mountain biking, and spending time with his sassy daughters.

Gus Emery, Senior Sales Engineer, APM

Gus Emery is a lifelong technologist. He has managed enterprise applications for top US Fortune 500 companies. Gus is an avid sporting enthusiast and motorcycle rider. Currently he applies his passion for technology in the chase and improvement of customer experience.

Sherlock Bob, Sr. Application Detective, LogicMonitor

Despite his simple appearance, Bob knows the ins-and-outs of modern applications and is a top contributor on StackOverflow. Bob has seen the shift to cloud and loves speeding up his apps over the weekend. He also restores vintage cars for fun.