June 5, 2022

Visit LogicMonitor at MSP Expo & ITExpo

LogicMonitor at MSP Expo and ITExpo

Join us at MSP Expo & ITExpo for the #TechSuperShow
21-24 June 2022, Fort Lauderdale

Booth #203 in the expo hall

At the event

You’ll be able to catch LogicMonitor at the MSP Expo & ITExpo in Fort Lauderdale! Collocated with the Future of Work Expo and much more, you can find us at the #TechSuperShow!

Here you’ll be able to discover why MSPs and Enterprise turn to LogicMonitor to eliminate tool sprawl legacy tooling, and future-proof your tech stack. LogicMonitor supports multi-cloud environments and helps MSPs and Enterprise improve margins and customer satisfaction with our automated, cloud-based platform, enabling thousands of businesses increase operational efficiency.

At the booth

Booth #203 in the expo hall

Join us in the expo hall where our team give you a glimpse of our new product, LM Envision as our team of experts will be providing demos throughout the week!

We’ll also be giving out plenty of branded merchandise on the show floor and raffling off three prizes over the three days:

Why are businesses turning to automation to help scale their business and reduce overhead costs?

Employees on the move

Due to the Great Resignation over the past two years, MSPs too have face a high turnover in staff that have been difficult to backfill.

Percentage of MSPs that have experienced significant employee turnover in the last 12 months and average number of months it takes to fill engineering roles from job posting to first day or work graphics

The number of outages remain widespread

With dispersed teams and the shift to cloud, MSPs are facing an increased number of outages amongst their customers

Top impacts of IT outages and brownouts graphic

The demand for IT automation

Engineers are spending close to 40% of their week working on manual and repetitive tasks that could be automated, where it’s making it increasingly difficult to focus on innovation and strategic goals for their customers.

How much of an engineer's workweek is spent on repetitive, routine tasks? and Percentage of MSP leaders who believe repetitive tasks take time away from innovation and advancing strategic goals graphics

METHODOLOGY: In October 2021, LogicMonitor commissioned an independent research firm to survey 600 senior global employees working for IT Managed Service Providers (MSPs) in nine countries. The goal of LogicMonitor’s research was to understand the state of MSPs in 2022 and beyond, provide key insights into their strategic goals, and offer up recommendations on how to accelerate transformation to attain those goals

If you’d like to explore how LogicMonitor can help automate and streamline your operations, find out how we can provide insight into your infrastructure, to your logs and applications to make better business decisions on logicmonitor.com/msp.

Find out more

Check out the MSP Expo & ITExpo website for more information, to see the agenda and to register.