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Extending monitoring capabilities through platform customizations, across hybrid infrastructure and through cloud-enabling technologies including containers

Demystifying Datasources

Chris Morgan - Account Manager, LogicMonitor

Attendees will leave this session with a better understanding of how to customize LogicMonitor for their Service Provider business. We will dive into best practices for MSP deployment including child accounts, dashboard templates, role-based access control, alert rules, escalation chains and more!

What DevOps and Development Teams Really Want from Monitoring

Jordan Hager - Sr. Director, Hosting Architecture and Site Reliability, Q2 Holdings

Dive into the evolution of DevOps and Development teams and the transition to opensource and cloud solutions. We'll discuss how service mesh + serverless environments operating in a low trust network is the new norm.

Customizing the CMDB Application for Creative Use Cases

Forrest Evans - Manager, Product Management, LogicMonitor

LogicMonitor has implemented some creative use cases for customers. This session will cover 3 of the most complicated use cases and how our professional services team implemented the solution. We will highlight best practices for customizing specific parts of the ServiceNow CMDB application including business rules, transform maps, and scheduled jobs. It will also highlight how to capture those customizations for easy sharing between ServiceNow instances. The code examples will be available to attendees and a copy of LogicMonitor's customization documentation will be provided.

How LogicMonitor uses LogicMonitor

Nitin Navare - Vice President, Engineering, LogicMonitor

Attendees will learn how LogicMonitor executes Technical Operations using LogicMonitor. Including; TechOps core goals and core focuses, how we leverage LM, where LM fits in our automation strategy.

Automate Workflows and Improve Efficiency with LogicMonitor's REST API and SDKs

Chris Sternberg - Product Manager, LogicMonitor

From building custom tool integrations to programmatic management of monitored resources and deployment automation, this session will cover how customers can use LogicMonitor's REST API and accompanying Go and Python SDKs to automate workflows and improve efficiency.

Taming your Alerts Storms with LogicMonitor Integrations

Forrest Evans - Manager, Product Management, LogicMonitor

Alert, Events and Incidents are distinctly different in the ITSM landscape. Managing a flood of alert based information can be complicated. Leveraging LogicMonitor integrations effectively can focus the technical staff on the alerts that are most important. Come see how integrations with some of our top partners can streamline your alert workflows and silence your alert storms.

Groovin' in LogicMonitor

Mike Rodrigues - Senior Product Manager, LogicMonitor

We will show attendees how to use the LM-provided Groovy code libraries, how to debug scripts within LM, and dissect code on an existing module to explain why decisions were made. Excellent prep session to attend before 'Build Your Next Datasource the LM Engineer Way' or 'Demystifying Datasources'.

Build Your Next Datasource the LM Engineer Way

Andrey Kitsen - Senior Monitoring Engineer, LogicMonitor

How to conceptualize, plan and build a LogicModule suite (PropertySource, DataSource, EventSource, etc) and use different LogicModule types to build an extensive suite of monitoring.

Extend LogicMonitor into Cloud Operations

Chris Black - Chief Technology & Security Officer, High Availability, Inc.

Integration Operations and Monitoring. MSP and cloud providers face a slew of obstacles and must adapt to clients of all verticals and operations practices. Customers will see first hand how High Availability integrated LM into it's Ops team.

Powershell Scripting 101

Jonathan Arnold - Solutions Engineer, LogicMonitor

Attendees will learn how to write secure powershell scripts that will connect to devices in their environment for datasources, propertysources, eventsources, and configsources

Optimize Costs, Maximize Your IT Value

Will Johnson - Product Manager, LogicMonitor

Maximizing IT resource value and minimizing costs is becoming more vital and challenging in a cloud-driven world. Attendees will learn about LM's strategy for tackling this growing need and view a demo of the LM Cost Optimization solution.

Improving CMDB Health with LogicMonitor Data

Forrest Evans - Manager, Product Management, LogicMonitor

Session attendees will learn how the LogicMonitor platform interacts with ServiceNow and the features available out of the box. See a live demo and dive into the advantages of the LogicMonitor-ServiceNow integration.


Deploy and scale monitoring quickly to make your teams more efficient with AIOps, workflow integrations, cost optimization and more

Maximize Your MSP Value

Casey Stephenson - Senior Customer Success Manager, LogicMonitor

Customers will learn how to customize their LogicMonitor experience as a ServiceProvider. Key takeaways should be an understanding of the most important features and best practices relevant to MSP deployments of LM: Child Accounts, Dashboard Templates, RBAC, Alert Rules, Escalation Chains, and more!

The Business Impact of Monitoring

Mike Julian - Editor & Analyst, Monitoring Weekly/CEO, Duckbill Group

Will demonstrate the business impact of monitoring. For example: in order to effectively use Service Level Indicators from Google you also need to measure customer satisfaction. This session will go into the 'why' an Ops team should care to begin with.

Actionable AIOps: Topological Context

Michael Fisher - Product Manager, LogicMonitor

Customers will leave with an understanding of why context is key to unlocking the power of AIOps. We will discuss how to establish context and how AIOps leverages it to drive actionable results, such as suppressing alerts based on dependencies.

Troubleshooting Data Collection Issues

Casey Trahan - Technical Support Engineer, LogicMonitor

How to run simple SNMP and WMI queries manually, how to upload collector logs, and fundamentals of troubleshooting monitoring.

Using LM Service Insight: Increase Visibility into Dynamic Services

Sarah Terry - Manager, Product Management, LogicMonitor

In this session, users will learn how LM Service Insight can be leveraged to identify long term trends, understand overall service health, and troubleshoot faster for dynamic services

Actionable AIOps: Anomaly Detection

Michael Fisher - Product Manager, LogicMonitor

Attendees will gain an understanding on how anomaly detection will augment their current alerting workflow and what type of insights can be gained. We will also go over basic techniques for training a machine learning model at scale.


Capture meaningful data and actionable insights across all infrastructure. Translate hybrid monitoring into business efficiency.

You've Picked the Right Monitoring Tool. Now what?

Nancy Gohring - Analyst, 451 Research

Your monitoring tool has to be able to keep up with your modern IT environment but so does your IT team. This session will go over new requirements to manage complex and dynamic IT infrastructure, pressures on IT teams to do more with less, how monitoring as a service works, and approaches to reducing tool sprawl without causing a rebellion.

Maximize Your Cloud Investment with Monitoring Best Practices

Nihal Parekh - Product Manager, LogicMonitor

Scott Strohmeyer - Sales Engineer, LogicMonitor

In this session, users will learn how monitoring best practices can help them get more out of their cloud investment. Topics covered will include how to go beyond cloud provider metrics, key metrics and events to watch, alerting recommendations, how tags can be leveraged to make monitoring more meaningful, and how to minimize cost while maximizing performance and visibility. We will also explore applying best practices to your cloud services, including recommendations for migrating to different services, based on information collected by LogicMonitor.

Kubernetes Monitoring: Obtain Valuable Insight to Drive Optimization

Sarah Terry - Manager, Product Management, LogicMonitor

In this session, users will learn best practices for monitoring Kubernetes clusters, including key metrics for cluster resources and containerized applications. Additionally, we’ll cover how you can aggregate data across containers to get more valuable insight into overall service and deployment health.

LM Config: Keep your Services Up and Healthy

Michael Rodrigues - Senior Product Manager, LogicMonitor

Metrics make for amazing dashboards, but changes to device and application configurations can have sweeping impacts across an organization. Learn how Facebook's Spring outage could have been identified and alerted immediately using LogicMonitor's LM Config feature.

Leverage Dashboards to Realize Business Value

Kerry DeVilbiss - Senior Sales Engineer, LogicMonitor

Dashboards are the most frequently used part of LogicMonitor's product in terms of time in the portal. How should they be used for maximum business value, how can they be used, what are some tips and tricks and examples.

UX/UI Demo: Preview LM's new User Interface

Linus Lau - Associate Product Manager, LogicMonitor

Learn about innovations and improvements coming in 2019 to the LM user interface: gain a deeper understanding of UX best practices being adopted into our product, receive a demo of our new, streamlined alerts page, advanced search capabilities, and more.

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