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How We Monitor GCP

Cloud services monitoring for Google Cloud Platform

LM Cloud simplifies cloud monitoring, and delivers comprehensive visibility into Google Cloud Platform (GCP) health and performance that is otherwise challenging to obtain.

This visibility is achieved with a cloud monitoring strategy that includes the components critical to measuring overall health of cloud infrastructure:

  1. Resource Performance Monitoring
  2. GCP Availability Monitoring
  3. Coming Soon: ROI Monitoring

The strategy behind LM Cloud is is unique, because it goes beyond traditional resource level performance and availability data. LM Cloud provides visibility into all of the components that have the potential to impact the health of your GCP-backed infrastructure and services.

LM Cloud Benefits for GCP

  • Make migrations to the cloud more manageable & cost-predictable with LM Cloud’s complete cloud monitoring strategy
  • Get instant visibility into your cloud deployment with automated discovery of resources across regions, services and accounts
  • Eliminate gaps in monitoring with out of the box application and OS level metrics that complement data collected via GCP Stackdriver
  • Visualize the health of your cloud deployment with automated dashboards and reports
  • Avoid unavailability due to GCP-imposed limits or scheduled maintenance for critical services
  • Be the first to know of GCP availability issues that may impact your services


Resource Performance Monitoring

GCP Stackdriver metrics: LM Cloud monitors GCP Stackdriver metrics for GCP services out-of-the-box, with no collector or agent needed. Once in the LogicMonitor platform, you’ll benefit from up to two year data retention with no loss in granularity. Additionally, built-in alert thresholds based on best practices mean you’ll automatically start receiving alerts for non-performant resources.

LogicMonitor Collector metrics: Deploy a LogicMonitor Collector inside your GCP environment to take advantage of LogicMonitor’s thousands of pre-configured LogicModules. With a Collector, you’ll receive more granular performance metrics than those reported via Stackdriver, like operating system and application level metrics - right out of the box.

For a list of supported services and monitored metrics, see our documentation

GCP Availability Monitoring

GCP Accessibility: The availability and performance of applications running in GCP are dependent on the availability and performance of GCP itself. Availability issues reported by GCP automatically trigger alerts that can be routed to an individual, team or system via LogicMonitor’s built-in alerting and escalation functionality.

Visualize this availability monitoring data alongside resource performance to better understand when performance issues are a result of unavailable GCP services.

Service Limits Utilization: LM Cloud provides instant visibility into GCP Service Limit Utilization, and displays this data alongside resource performance data for your GCP projects. Take advantage of pre-configured thresholds to trigger alerts when you get close to GCP limits for Compute Engine. Proactively request increases in service limits based on monitored data to ensure sufficient scalability for burstable workloads.

ROI Monitoring

Coming Soon!

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