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LogicMonitor + HipChat

HipChat Integration Summary

Increase tool value by integrating LogicMonitor with HipChat. Receive LogicMonitor alerts in your chat tool - so there’s no need to to change context to take action! Get a single context for end-to-end troubleshooting and increase responsiveness to alerts, by allowing actions from the chat tool you work in everyday.


  1. Have a single context for end-to-end troubleshooting by viewing detailed alert information and related graphs in HipChat.
  2. Increase responsiveness to alerts by acknowledging alerts and scheduling downtime directly from HipChat rooms.
  3. Avoid email alert overload by minimizing email alert volume and instead view alerts in your day to day chat tool.


  1. Get the full alert message information, DataSource, and service graphs in the sidebar of the HipChat room
  2. Acknowledge alerts directly from LogicMonitor's Detailed Alert View (the integration dynamically retrieves your username, so all you have to do is click a button).
  3. Respond quickly to schedule downtime, to give you time to investigate an issue.


Must be LogicMonitor customer to utilize this integration.

Want to try it out? Find instructions for setup here.

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