Nutanix Monitoring

Nutanix hyperconverged infrastructure streamlines the deployment, management, and scaling of data center resources. Nutanix combines x86-based server and storage resources with intelligent software to provide for turnkey deployment. LogicMonitor helps you make the most of your Nutanix deployment by delivering comprehensive health and performance monitoring.

Using LogicMonitor, you can track and measure:

  • Overall Cluster Health
  • Storage Capacity, IOPS, Throughput, and Latency at the Container level, Cluster level, Storage Pool level, and individual Disk level
  • End-to-end performance of each Nutanix Hypervisor as well as each VM—including CPU, Memory utilization, Storage IOPS/Latency, and Network Throughput
  • Nutanix Controller Health

Receive alerts on:

  • High Disk Latency on any Nutanix Hypervisor, VM, Storage Pool, Cluster, Container, or Disk
  • Low Storage Capacity on any Nutanix Hypervisor, VM, Storage Pool, Cluster, Container, or Disk
  • High CPU usage on any Nutanix Hypervisor or VM
  • Low Memory on any Nutanix Hypervisor or VM
  • High rate of dropped packets Nutanix Hypervisor or VM
  • Failed health status on any Nutanix Controller


Track storage performance issues comprehensively—all the way down to Latency of a Storage Pool or IOPS on a particular Hypervisor.

Nutanix pool storage latency

Nutanix IOPS


Survey performance of top VMs at a glance to quickly identify outliers and potential problems.

Nutanix Top VMs


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