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LogicMonitor + Stride

Stride Integration Summary

With Stride, you can communicate more efficiently, with chat, collaboration, and now monitoring alerts all in one tool. Our out-of-the-box integration gives users the ability to view, acknowledge, and respond to IT performance issues with Stride. DevOps teams get more meaningful context for end-to-end troubleshooting and increase efficiency by speeding up time to resolution and automating incident status.


  1. Instant notification. Automatically receive detailed alert information and related graphs in Stride.
  2. Increased visibility. Relay alerts quickly across your team so everyone has the same information about an impending issue
  3. Decreased response time. Acknowledge alerts and the schedule downtime directly from Stride rooms.


  1. Receive alerts and associated graphs in Stride when issues occur
  2. Create Ops Notes in LogicMonitor with a message action in Stride
  3. Use bot functionality to get monitoring information about your devices (e.g. 5 most recent alerts, device information, etc.)
  4. Schedule Downtime with a message from within Stride


Must be LogicMonitor customer to utilize this integration.

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