LogicMonitor Advances Integration with Leading MSP Business Management Solution Autotask

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. — () — LogicMonitor, the leading automated end-to-end IT infrastructure monitoring platform, today announced significant updates to its integration with partner Autotask, the automated resource administration and service delivery platform that simplifies IT management for managed service providers (MSPs). The new release creates a more seamless experience for MSP customers that manage multiple IT infrastructures, providing easier configurations, and allowing for a real time view of device performance within management systems and workflows.

The updates to LogicMonitor’s integration with Autotask are now built directly into the product and can be set up in minutes. The new integration also offers customers two-way ticketing functionality, whereby Autotask tickets are updated as LogicMonitor detects changes in monitored device performance. The two-way functionality streamlines the workflow for managing service desk tickets created by LogicMonitor’s IT performance monitoring alerting engine, providing users an up to date view of device performance. The improved automation significantly decreases the amount of time that IT Operations teams spend resolving critical system issues.

“We’re excited to see LogicMonitor continue to advance its capabilities with respect to the integration with Autotask PSA,” notes Mark Banfield, VP of International at Autotask. “The new two-way integration provides a more seamless experience for service provider partners that deploy both the Autotask business automation suite and LogicMonitor for performance monitoring. More and more service provider partners are standardizing on these two powerful platforms to fuel a new level of service to their clients.”

LogicMonitor’s improved integration with Autotask illustrates their focus on customers who need to be constantly adapting to the innovating technological landscape of IT management. This integration will not only streamline the monitoring processes for MSP companies managing a multitude of IT infrastructures, but it will help to provide more timely insight into business performance and intelligence for future planning.

“MSPs are an important component of the LogicMonitor customer base, and a large amount of MSPs use Autotask for IT ticketing automation,” according to Kevin McGibben, CEO at LogicMonitor. McGibben added that, “By advancing the integration with Autotask, LogicMonitor continues to demonstrate its efforts to align its product with its customer base. Simplifying our MSP partners’ operational and service desk workflows enables our partners to provide the best service level to their clients.”

About Autotask

Autotask Corporation helps IT organizations worldwide work smarter with a complete, cloud-based IT business management platform that enables efficiency, accountability and access to the metrics that drive intelligent business decisions. With built-in best practices and workflow automation, Autotask speeds time to revenue while continually improving service delivery. Autotask is available in seven languages and used in over 90 countries. Headquartered in New York, Autotask has offices in Beijing, London, Munich and Sydney. Learn more at www.autotask.com.

About LogicMonitor

LogicMonitor’s automated SaaS performance monitoring platform provides IT Ops teams with end-to-end visibility and actionable metrics to manage today’s sophisticated on-premises, hybrid, and cloud infrastructures. Deploy and manage your monitoring faster and automatically with AutoDiscovery™ of devices. Act on infrastructure performance data using built-in and customizable dashboards, performance forecasting, and complete reporting. Use built-in workflow capabilities including alerting routing and escalation management to improve your IT team’s issue response and resolution time.

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