LogicMonitor Invests in European Business Expansion

SANTA BARBARA, Calif.–()–LogicMonitor, the automated end-to-end infrastructure performance monitoring solution, today announced that it is continuing to invest in European expansion with the opening of a new datacenter presence in the United Kingdom. “LogicMonitor’s European business has strongly and steadily increased over the past few years. As a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform provider, our EU customers have asked for local presence to serve the LogicMonitor platform from within the European Union. We’ve always been able to provide a high level of service, and we’ll continue to do so from our new London datacenter,” according to Kevin McGibben, LogicMonitor President & CEO.

SaaS Benefits Magnified in Tougher Economic Times

“Although the EU economic recovery is slow, LogicMonitor continues to see strong European customer growth. As companies grapple with managing multiple physical datacenters, virtualized environments or moving to public cloud, LogicMonitor is even more relevant because our customers can manage the monitoring of these diverse IT environments through a single application platform. In addition to the technological benefits, the license model for SaaS is favorable to any company looking to reduce its deployed capital and move CAPEX towards operational expense. Our subscription service is easier on the pocketbooks of our clients, large and small. This is in comparison to legacy monitoring providers that still live in a world of annual upgrades and on premise software licenses, which include painful upfront costs, high technical overhead and growing annual maintenance expenses. With LogicMonitor, our customers simply pay a subscription-based service that flexibly expands with their needs. Additionally, we release platform upgrades regularly. The customer experience is dramatically different.”

Expanding Customer Base

LogicMonitor’s European customers cover a wide swath of the market including the following: leading web technology company’s technical operations teams that provide customers available and high performing applications, Enterprise IT teams strategically managing large and complicated IT environments and enterprise and third party applications, and large Managed Service Providers that deliver a range of managed services and hosted cloud services to their customers. “We’re incredibly excited to see LogicMonitor continue to increase their investments and commitment to the European market. It’s important that our customers can depend on leading technologies to power our services. LogicMonitor is a leading and strategic partner that ANS trusts as we continue to grow our advanced technology services,” stated Chris Hodgson, Director of Managed Services of Manchester-based ANS Group.

McGibben will be in the United Kingdom September 21-25 to speak at customer industry events at partners AutoTask in Richmond-on-Thames and ANS Group in Manchester.

About LogicMonitor

LogicMonitor’s automated SaaS performance monitoring platform provides IT Ops teams with end-to-end visibility and actionable metrics to manage today’s sophisticated on-premises, hybrid and cloud infrastructures. Deploy and manage your monitoring faster and automatically with AutoDiscovery™ of devices. Act on infrastructure performance data using built-in and customizable dashboards, performance forecasting, and complete reporting. Use built-in workflow capabilities including alerting routing and escalation management to improve your IT team’s issue response and resolution time.