LogicMonitor Revolutionizes Amazon Web Services (AWS) Performance Monitoring

SANTA BARBARA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–LogicMonitor, the automated end-to-end infrastructure performance monitoring solution, today announced the commercial release along with FREE inclusion of Amazon Web Services (AWS) monitoring in the LogicMonitor Pro, Enterprise and Service Provider license packages. LogicMonitor’s AWS monitoring includes CloudWatch metrics as well as complete SDK monitoring. New functionality and free AWS monitoring makes managing hybrid IT infrastructures easier for IT Ops teams deploying all or part of their datacenters in the public cloud.

“More organizations are moving all or part of their infrastructure to AWS. And as these IT environments become more complex, it’s a best practice for IT Ops teams to centralize the monitoring of on-premises, cloud and hybrid IT infrastructures in the same application,” says Steve Francis, LogicMonitor’s Founder and Chief Product Officer. “IT Ops teams want to spend less time configuring and managing their monitoring solutions, whether it be a legacy tool or an AWS-only solution, so they can spend more time enhancing performance for their end users. The move to the public cloud creates an opportunity for IT Ops teams to consolidate toolsets and automate infrastructure management — which includes monitoring.”

Free AWS monitoring scaled to fit dynamic IT infrastructures

Using LogicMonitor to monitor AWS services eliminates the need for expensive and limited AWS-only monitoring products. LogicMonitor licenses include a multiple of AWS devices free of charge — allowing companies to dynamically scale in the cloud and help to ensure that their infrastructure is performing optimally without worrying about a per-instance price tag usually associated with AWS scaling.

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New functionality, same automated performance monitoring platform

Along with its AWS monitoring commercial release, LogicMonitor also announced new features for its AWS monitoring. First, the addition of the Cloud Collector allows users to monitor CloudWatch metrics without installing a Collector. Users simply input AWS credentials into their LogicMonitor account to get full granular performance metrics on all of their AWS services and resources. Additionally, LogicMonitor has extended the list of AWS technologies included in its platform with DynamoDB, EC2, EBS, ElastiCache, ELB, Kinesis, RDS, Route53, S3, SNS, SQS, and AWS billing information. LogicMonitor provides monitoring of AWS transaction response times from customer’s datacenters, allowing insight into real application performance.

AWS users also get the complete power of the LogicMonitor platform including:

  • Historical data / AWS metrics stored for a year
  • Automatic discovery and deletion of resources based on location or tags
  • Centralized dashboards, reporting, and powerful alerting engine
  • Dynamic grouping based on tags or custom properties
  • Unlimited users and mobile access
  • Executive Dashboards aggregate key infrastructure performance views

“IT is dramatically changing. We strive to give our customers complete visibility into their changing IT environment,” said Kevin McGibben, LogicMonitor’s CEO. “This new AWS pricing and functionality helps to ensure that our customers keep top-level infrastructure performance while scaling out to the public cloud.”

Read this page for more information on LogicMonitor’s AWS monitoring. https://www.logicmonitor.com/cloud-monitoring/

Check out the list of AWS technologies and metrics you can monitor with LogicMonitor here:https://www.logicmonitor.com/technologies/

LogicMonitor is displaying their commercial AWS monitoring in booth 536 at AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas, October 6-9.

About LogicMonitor

LogicMonitor’s SaaS-based performance monitoring platform provides the world’s best IT Ops teams with visibility and actionable metrics to manage today’s sophisticated on-premises, hybrid and cloud IT infrastructures. Deploy fast and deliver performance data with built-in and fully-customizable visualization, forecasting, alerting, and reporting analytics. Empower Ops success.