LogicMonitor Wins 2015 Modern Infrastructure Impact Award for ‘Best DevOps and Cloud Management’

SANTA BARBARA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–LogicMonitor was recognized as the winner of the 2015 Modern Infrastructure Impact Awards for ‘Best DevOps and Cloud Management’. TechTarget’s Data Center Media Group present the award to recognize the top cloud and data center products and technologies that are positively impacting IT Operations Departments by helping them to run with efficiency and insight.

In the award, TechTarget editors said, “It’s refreshing to hear about a monitoring suite that installs easily and is comprehensive, yet customizable. Add [LogicMonitor’s] great support and a cost-effective hosted software-as-a-service model, and you’ve got a Modern Infrastructure Impact Awards winner for best DevOps and cloud management tool.’

In response to LogicMonitor’s nomination for the award, LogicMonitor customers and TechTarget readers demonstrated a groundswell of support. One stated that LogicMonitor is ‘fantastically powerful, and yet, surprisingly easy to setup and maintain.’ Another said LogicMonitor is ‘so easy and monitors everything in our infrastructure at a great price.’

“It is an honor to be recognized as the ‘Best DevOps and Cloud Management’ tool for the 2015 Modern Infrastructure Impact Awards,” said Kevin McGibben, LogicMonitor’s CEO. “We continue to be customer-driven and it is great to see that people are as passionate about the platform as we are.”

For more information about the award, visit https://bit.ly/17ExeNu.

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About LogicMonitor:

LogicMonitor is an automated IT performance monitoring platform that helps IT Ops teams ensure application availability and infrastructure performance for their end-users and customers. Using an easy-to-deploy SaaS platform, LogicMonitor’s customers are able to quickly begin to monitor their infrastructure (servers, networks, VMs, storage, apps, databases and websites) and the cloud from a single application. For more information, visit us at www.logicmonitor.com or follow us on Twitter @logicmonitor.