EA Collector - 25.200

Last updated on 14 September, 2022

EA Collector 25.200 will be released October 19, 2017, and includes the following:


  • Improved the speed and performance of NetScan. Added Npcap packet capture for MAC address detection and lookup of network interface manufacturer. 
  • Along with v96, you can now use groovy scripts to define a Config Check in LM ConfigSources.
  • To avoid ping packages from being dropped by firewalls, we have reduced the Collector’s default ping packet size. To change this, you can modify the ‘ping.payload.size’ parameter in the Collector’s service.conf file.
  • Added ‘summary’ parameter to !tlist debug command. Use ‘!tlist summary=collector’ to see task count by collection method, summary=host to see task count by host device, or summary=datasource to see task count by datasource.
  • Removed the !get debug command.
  • In GD25, we improved the Collector’s ability to catch and report Powershell exceptions. This created issues for some custom scripts, so we have disabled the functionality by default. This is controlled by the following settings in agent.conf:

    • powershell.trap.exception.enable=false 
    • powershell.redirect.exception.enable=true 
    • powershell.error.action=Continue


Bug Fixes:

  • When changing a collection credential such as snmp.community, the value cached by the collector wasn’t immediately replaced with the new value, causing a lag in SNMP collection. This has been fixed.
  • Adding a device in wizard mode was failing for web servers using HTTPS. This has been fixed.