GD Collector - 27.000

Last updated on 15 October, 2022

GD Collector 27.000 will be available June 12, 2018. This version includes everything in GD 26.001, as well as EA 26.100, EA 26.200, EA 26.201EA 26.300, EA 26.400, EA 26.500, EA 26.600 and 26.601

In comparison to GD 26.001, highlights of this version include:

New Features:

  • Property Sources now support Powershell Scripts
  • Removed Support for Windows 2003
  • Windows Collector installer and files are now signed
  • Support for Event Source Test Now functionality (similar to Poll Now on datasources)


  • Added support for 3-DES for SNMP v3
  • Service Checks now support the ability to identify SSL errors and halt on them as separate actions.  Therefore the check can identify the SSL error, but continue to confirm the rest of the service functionality.
  • Groovy Scripting will now support PUT and DELETE methods as part of an updated HTTP java class.

For more detailed information on what’s included, see individual EA release notes (links above).