June 2010 Release

Last updated on 14 September, 2022

These are the release notes for the June, 2010 LogicMonitor release, which will be applied to servers this week.

New Features:

    • New graphing system.  There are now 3 views of graphs – the regular (small) view; a larger view, and the smartgraph. You toggle between the small and large sizes by clicking the buttons in the upper right corner: As the small and large graph now allow mousing over a datapoint to see the value at a point in time, you now activate the smart graph by clicking the Expand icon in the top right corner of each graph:

  • Fault tolerance for collectors. You can define one agent to take over from another in the event of a failure of the host the agent is on.
  • Configurable alert throttling – you can now define the maximum rate of alerts that will be sent to an escalation chain before an alert indicating throttling is active is sent, and all further alerts are suppressed.
  • The Access log (under the Settings tab) has been expanded into a full audit log, recording all configuration activity, who did it and when.
  • Drop downs to help in alert rule building (but still with full regex and glob support)
  • In the Host tab, datasources now expand simply by clicking the name of the datasource, not just the small arrow to its left.
  • Full text alerts now include the rule that triggered them, and the instructions for responding to them.
  • More tooltips, in more places!
  • Safe instance deletion. Any instances that are removed, whether manually or by Active Discovery, then recreated/discovered within a month, have their historical data restored.
  • Script collector can now assess the exit code of a script as a datapoint.
  • Improved Time range picker when selecting a time range to view in hosts or dashboards tabs.
  • improved active discovery for http pages ([intlink id=”1494″ type=”page”]ad_http[/intlink])
  • Improved ad_port – now supports named ports, and timeout.

New Datasources

  • generic ssl certificate expiration monitoring
  • Tomcat datasource monitoring (of tomcat database connections)
  • Foundry switches

Bug Fixes

  • Improved security on agent – all log files are forced to mode 600, and passwords are stripped. Before, we relied on the default umask, which may not have been restrictive enough.
  • VMWare datastore monitoring did not previously work on standalone servers not managed by vSphere. Now it does.
  • cross domain WMI access now works as expected.
  • SDT dialog shows the current time in customer’s account timezone, not the user’s computer timezone.
  • Safari and Chrome no longer reload a page on pressing Enter at inopportune times, which led to configurations on graphs, datasources being lost sometimes.

Known Issues

  • You cannot currently schedule downtime for an agent by replying to the Agent Down alert with a message body of  “SDT n”. (Ack and Next replies work as expected, as does scheduling downtime for the agent via the web UI.)  This will be corrected in the next release.