June 2011 release

Last updated on 14 September, 2022
These are the release notes for the June, 2011 LogicMonitor release, which will be applied to servers this week. (Account administrators will be notified about the applicable update time).

New Features

  • The ability to disable datasources at the group level.  If there is a set of datasources you wish to disable on a whole set of hosts, you no longer have to disable them on each host after Active Discovery has found them, or by changing the datasource Applies To field. You can now disable entire datasources on the group level.
  • Top N dashboard graphs:  Custom graphs on dashboards now have a checkbox that can be selected to show only the top 10 objects.
  • There’s been a variety of enhancements to reporting: cleaner report layouts, easier ability to select multiple hosts in reports, easier ability to select report datapoints, the ability to clone reports, and more.
  • New report type – host inventory reports
  • ability to search for hosts by ip addresses or partial IPs: the search box now finds hosts by IP addresses, or partial IP addresses, even if the host is added by DNS name.
  • Scheduled Down Time (SDT) is now supported for eventsources (traps, event logs, IPMI events and syslog.)
  • The Manage SDT forms now show who created each SDT.
  • It’s now much easier to monitor a specific web page or UNC path on a host: simply use the Monitor a Web Page or Monitor a UNC path to add a resource to monitor on a host.
  • Role Based access control now supports disabling the “Chat with Engineer” button for specific roles – this means MSPs can still enable access to the support button to connect with LogicMonitor support staff for internal usage, but not have the button displayed for their customers.
  • The alert tab now contains a column showing a group the host is in. (Currently, only one group is shown for hosts that are members of multiple groups.)

UI Changes

  • “Destination macros” have been renamed to “Recipients lists”
  • The number of hosts in each group is shown in the tooltip for that group
  • The first part of any alert acknowledgement comment is now visible in the alert panel
  • All SDT dialogs now contain a “Quick Add SDT” button, which adds a one time SDT from the current time, for one hour.

Bug fixes

  • “forgot password” link fixed
  • sdt notifications were not sent to all alert recipients when alert suppressed in the UI, as opposed to replying to the alert via email/sms.
  • fixed the appearance of custom graphs dropping to zero on the right hand time line.
  • fixed some drag and drop errors that previously required a page reload to correct.

New Datasources

Monitoring now covers Asterisk, SIP, pfSense, Force10, Brocade lb, Cisco switch stacks, Redis, Pick D3 databases and more.
And as always, if there is hardware or software that LogicMonitor does not cover – just ask!