Monitoring for Remote Workforces

Remote monitoring solutions provide deeper visibility into the performance of business-critical apps and infrastructure. Monitor everything from SaaS applications to engineering services, and ensure your remote workforce has access to the tools they need to drive the business forward.

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Providing business continuity to remote workforces with intelligent monitoring

Work from home (WFH) and remote workforces make individuals and teams dispersed, creating extra pressure on the availability and necessity of 3rd party applications and services. That’s why LogicMonitor provides solutions that ensure organizations have access to the tools and infrastructure they need to continue working while distributed.

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Gain insight into business-critical SaaS applications

LogicMonitor provides the means to monitor the applications that matter most for a remote workforce. With our agentless collector, IT teams can monitor web conferencing applications (Zoom, GoToMeeting, Citrix), cloud applications, engineering services (like GitHub, Gitlab, AWS), VPNs, or ISP Connectivity within a matter of minutes.

Keep teams connected with Zoom and O365

As usage for web conferencing applications and collaboration tools like Microsoft Office 365 continue to surge, IT teams need a way to ensure that their services will not go down. For web conferencing, IT teams need to pull in statistics like active and inactive users, storage usage for their plan, and total meeting minutes, size, and count. With LogicMonitor’s Office 365 package, you can monitor the state of your Microsoft Office 365 deployment and the underlying services and license usage, allowing you to manage performance and license utilization accordingly.

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Manage VPNs for distributed networks

For the majority of organizations, Engineers require a VPN connection to access their environments and manage servers. If the VPN is down, then Engineers are not able to connect to their servers and thus hindering their workflow. High bandwidth utilization can make their connections slow and frustrating. This also means that more resources need to allocate to the VPN infrastructure. With LogicMonitor, best practice alerting and dashboards are built-in so you can quickly troubleshoot any connectivity issues.

The benefits of remote and WFH monitoring

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Avoid at-home frustrations

Make decisions regarding redundancy to keep your workforce connected when they need it most. Get alerts on the availability status of critical conferencing and communication tools so teams can make informed decisions and pivot workflows before you lose valuable time on a call due to unplanned downtime.

Make IT a critical business partner

Get deeper insights into bandwidth and ISP traffic to make intelligent decisions around business operations. Knowing that internet traffic may be overwhelmed gives IT teams the tools they need to need to advise the business to make calls without video during congestion to save bandwidth or avoid dropped connections.

Maintain business continuity

When services like GitHub and GitLab are unavailable for long periods, future mergers become chaotic and can potentially break other integrations due to compatibility issues. By monitoring your cloud services, ITSM solutions like ServiceNow, and engineering tools like GitHub or GitLab, you can ensure your workforce never experiences unnecessary downtime.

Take availability into your own hands

Due to a growing remote workforce, businesses are not sure what to monitor to ensure their teams can continue working while distributed. With LogicMonitor, best practice dashboards and alert thresholds are built-in so you can begin monitoring and optimizing performance for distributed services in a matter of minutes.

Monitor all your apps in one place

Keep tabs on all of your business-critical applications within one comprehensive platform. From networks to cloud applications, LogicMonitor provides full observability for 2000+ technologies like AWS, Azure, GCP, Cisco, Citrix, GSuite, GiHub, GitLab, Zoom, and more.

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Empower your team with full support

LogicMonitor offers 24×7 support from locally based technical engineers, so you’re never alone in your time of need. Our team is always available to help you set up custom integrations, build dashboards, and troubleshoot issues so you can rapidly set up monitoring that is meaningful for IT, engineers, and business executives.

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With LogicMonitor, a prominent American University has been able to build executive-level dashboards to report on the health of Zoom and ServiceNow to increase visibility into critical applications supporting their work from home and tele-education initiatives.

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