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Why ANS Uses LogicMonitor to Track the Performance of its Massive Fleet of FlexPods

ANS Group is a UK-based Cloud and Managed Service Provider with more than 20 years experience in the industry. They are also power-users of LogicMonitor. Read this case study to learn more about their LogicMonitor implementation, their extensive use of FlexPods, and the ways in which LogicMonitor's SaaS-based platform has helped drive a number of […]

The New Normal: DevOps, Infrastructure as Code, and Monitoring in Hybrid Environments

Hybrid environments are the new normal for Enterprise organizations. It’s no secret that the cloud offers strategic advantages, but IT leaders must also re-architect their physical datacenter to achieve organizational agility. Check out the slides from Jeff Behl's session at the Gartner Data Center Conference to learn how LogicMonitor Operations team successfully navigated changes to […]

The Comprehensive Guide to WMI

WMI stands for Windows Management Instrumentation. WMI’s purpose is similar to that of SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol): to enable the querying and control of management information in an enterprise - but it has a significantly different architecture under the covers. As WMI has been Microsoft’s main focus for exposing information about system performance and configuration, it is the preferred […]

The Comprehensive Guide to SNMP

Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) provides a standard message format that devices being monitored and monitoring systems can all speak – even though they will be running different operating systems. SNMP is the most widely deployed management protocol; it is simple to understand (although not always to use), and enjoys ubiquitous support. The following eBook […]