4 Steps to IT Success in 2021

1. Give Your CIO / CTO a Seat at the Table

The roles of CIO and CTO have become increasingly strategic and important within enterprises. This is due in part to digital transformation efforts being accelerated by the COVID-19 global pandemic, but also due to the growing importance of software and applications within numerous industries. Now more than ever, IT leaders deserve an equal seat at the boardroom table — so give it to them.

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2. Invest in a Unified IT Observability Platform

Consolidate your infrastructure monitoring products and invest in a unified observability platform to gain full visibility and control over all of your applications, infrastructure, business systems and logs in one pane of glass. Look for platforms that come with cloud capabilities, log intelligence, APM capabilities, AI and machine learning to drive deep insights, automation and efficiency

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3. Stay In The Know on IT Trends

Enterprise IT investments and priorities for 2021 and 2022 reflect the new realities of work today. Remote workforces and digital-first business transactions have become the status quo thanks to the global pandemic. Here are the top 9 trends IT leaders from around the world are focusing on today.

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4. Avoid IT Outages at All Costs

Today’s businesses simply can’t afford to experience outages and brownouts, as they come with heavy costs that extend far beyond the bottom line. Downtime has the ability to damage brands, end careers, and even, in the worst cases, close businesses for good.

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Research Report

The Race to IT Observability

Learn how organizations are achieving end-to-end observability in the age of digital transformation and technological convergence.

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