Bank of Hope resolves monitoring gaps

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Bank of Hope (BoH) is one of the leading Asian-American banks in the United States, and is one of the most trusted financial services for the Korean-American community across the country.  BoH operates 53 full-service branches across the country and one office in Seoul, Korea.

The Situation

BoH headquarters, located in Los Angeles, hosts the majority of the company’s servers, which run applications and services crucial to their operations. They also have 53 full-service branches across the country, each with several on-site servers to run local services. Previously, BoH was monitoring all servers across their branches and headquarters with Solarwinds, but because of their small IT team, they had no team members that could handle monitoring after regular business hours. Therefore, BoH hired a third-party group to handle after-hours monitoring. 

For months, there had been event IDs generated on all servers for a specific process, but this event ID couldn’t be traced to a specific issue to due to the complexity and lack of resources with their previous monitoring platform. While the event IDs were not causing an issue to operations, the issue was showing up every single day on all Windows Servers. The IT team was unable to gather information to understand and resolve the displayed issues, and instead, opted to the pay the third-party monitoring group additional fees in the hopes of gaining further insight to resolve their problem. 

The Solution

In the summer of 2022, BoH migrated from Solarwinds to LogicMonitor as they wanted a monitoring tool that could provide contextualized alerts, was more intuitive to use, and helped provide a more fluid transition to a hybrid environment. During the onboarding process, BoH immediately noticed a difference. They began receiving alerts for issues they had not previously been made aware of, and thanks to LogicMonitor’s DataSources, they received more context to the event IDs that were being generated every single day. 

The Results

After digging into the alerts provided by LogicMonitor on the server event IDs, BoH had discovered the third-party group they had been paying for over a year, was not in fact monitoring their servers. The team at BoH is now in the process of hiring new IT members to build up their own NOC team. Ignacio Garcia, IT manager, stated that creating their own NOC team is now possible thanks to the ease of use with LogicMonitor’s escalation chains and alert routing policies. He also mentioned this was a “big win” as he was able to demonstrate the value of LogicMonitor to his boss, who had mentioned the price difference between Solarwinds and LogicMonitor. This win was able to demonstrate the real-time impact LogicMonitor had provided and can continue to provide for BoH’s business.