Financial Services Platform Demo

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See LogicMonitor in action

Want to learn how to gain full visibility for your modern enterprise? Join us for a platform demo, where we’ll walk through our agentless, SaaS-based solution.

Topics covered include:

  • Platform architecture
  • Visibility across out-of-the-box dashboards and business-level metrics
  • Topology mapping and proactive alerting
  • Intelligent graphing and forecasting
  • Tools for troubleshooting and building dynamic thresholds
  • Public cloud integrations

Support 24/7/365 operations

Your customers expect to digitally access their accounts, make transactions, and complete other actions at any time of day with instant outcomes. LogicMonitor’s innovative approach to IT infrastructure is stable, scalable, and secure. Experience customized encounters and immediate response times through online or mobile platforms.

Identify and address issues before they affect end users

IT bottlenecks that prohibit end users from accessing their accounts or completing necessary workflows not only affect customer sentiment but can also trigger attention from regulatory authorities.
Enable proactive monitoring with LogicMonitor’s AIOps platform through dynamic thresholds, root cause analysis, and forecasting features. Along with LogicMonitor’s alert-based machine learning algorithms. Combining these with LogicMonitor’s hybrid monitoring capabilities enables your team to resolve issues before they cause downtime.

Maximize the power of ServiceNow

Your CMDB is a crucial tool for managing your complex infrastructure, but it is only as good as the data fed into it and can often be time-consuming to maintain. LogicMonitor’s ServiceNow integration automatically syncs data bi-directionally, eliminating manual data-shifting across systems. Additionally, automated device discovery ensures that your CMDB is always up to date with any newly provisioned infrastructure.