On-demand webinar: How to Build an Effective Cloud Migration Strategy

A recent study suggests that 64% of IT executives believe transformation trends come at the cost of continuous availability. These trends usually start with, and are the primary drivers of, cloud migration.

There are inevitable risks and challenges in adopting new technology, and migrating to any cloud platform – whether public or private – is not easy. Tactical decisions need to be made between lift-and-shift or re-architecting services for the cloud – and making the right decisions has major impact on whether cost and agility benefits will be realized.

Join John Rakowski, former Forrester analyst and VP of Strategy at LogicMonitor, as he discusses tactics to mitigate cloud migration risk so you can plan, move, and optimize with confidence.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Factors that introduce risk to a migration and how to minimize their impact
  • Common migration challenges that can be avoided
  • How to use monitoring data to better guarantee success