LM Concierge

LM Concierge is a robust, exclusive support and services offering for enterprises looking to take their LogicMonitor journey to the next level. By ensuring effective configuration, operation and management of an organization’s technology ecosystem, LM customers can experience maximum portal health, streamline IT Operations and optimize workflow management.

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Enterprise-gradepersonalization to meet team’s unique needs

Maximum support for ongoing account optimization and growth

Extensible and secure for a seamless customer experience

LogicMonitor is committed to offering first-rate services and world-class support so customers can match the rapidly evolving nature of the LogicMonitor platform. LM Concierge combines Premier Support, Administration Services, and Custom PS Development. For more information around LM Concierge, reach out to your Account Executive or Customer Success Manager.

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Explore LM Concierge’s Enterprise-Grade Personalization

Achieve holistic optimization and support for your LogicMonitor account and accomplish effective configuration, operation and management throughout your LogicMonitor journey.

Assigned Engineers and Premier Support benefits

• Robust, white-glove services delivering maximum value out of your LogicMonitor platform

• Leverage Sr. Engineers dedicated to customer satisfaction and advanced product training Defined SLAs with the fastest response rate for initial non-automated responses

• Dedicated 24×7 communication channels, including an urgent phone line

Deployment of new resources and core product configurations

• Bridge gaps in domain and product knowledge

• Gain a deeper understanding of how to leverage LogicMonitor and receive customized device configurations

• Ease the transition process from legacy systems to the cloud and assistance in correlating incumbent tool metrics with modernized best practices

• Mitigate admin workload with up to a 25% reduction in resource work hours per week

Support for ongoing portal optimization

• Ensure consistent portal health with stronger adoption across your LogicMonitor platform and the elasticity to scale your resources and tech stack

• Leverage product experts for comprehensive training, best practices, and recommendations for tuning, re-configuring and optimizing your LogicMonitor solution

• Expanded coverage across devices, resources, and services

Professional Services hours for development of Custom Solutions

• 50 Professional Service hours available per year

• Optimize OPEX so you can focus your time and resources on new initiatives

• Develop custom LogicModules, integrations, automations, and website checks that are not met by out-of-the-box functionality

• Reduce ongoing procurement cycles with included Professional Services hours

Robust reporting for comprehensive visibility

• All-encompassing account health reports inclusive of quarterly health checks, alert summaries, and inventory reports

• Sustain efficient and effective change with extensive change management reporting and documentation

• Complete visibility of active product bugs and root cause analysis through known issue summaries

• Readme and design documentation for delivered custom solutions using Professional Services hours

Excellent product and even better support. A huge plus for us has been support has always been great when I reach out for assistance and is very quick. The support techs are very knowledgeable and escalation is quick when needed.


By far, the support team at LogicMonitor is my favorite part of this company. They are professional, diligent, and extremely intelligent. Insight into our infrastructure has improved dramatically and has allowed my company to take that next step into the future of technology.