LogicMonitor for MSPs: AIOps Early Warning System

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See our AIOps Early Warning System for MSPs in action.

LogicMonitor’s AIOps platform allows MSPs to rise above the limitations of legacy monitoring tools. Our Early Warning System is a future-proof solution that scales with our customers’ needs – providing MSPs the time-saving and efficiency driving platform they need to increase profitability

We’ll cover how to:

  • Automate alert tuning with Dynamic Thresholds
  • Determine the root of an issue quickly with Root Cause Analysis
  • Identify deviations from the norm with Anomaly Detection
  • Correlate trends in alerts with Alert Grouping
  • Predict future trends with Forecasting
  • Increase operational efficiency with an Early Warning System
LM Intelligence Topology map and dashboard

Identify noise sources & culprits

Alert grouping correlates trends in alerts to reduce noise and provide more context so issues can be resolved faster

LogicMonitor Alerts Grouping

Intelligently detect signal from noise

Dynamic thresholds limit alert notifications to anomalies based on anomaly detection & trigger alerts for deviations.

Prevent alert storms

Root cause analysis identifies and groups alerts due to dependencies.

Deploy in minutes, not weeks.

With predictive and proactive alerting, teams can reduce downtime and focus on driving digital innovation for themselves and their clients.